Invest in Our Planet - Earth Day 2022 Our planet is an amazing place, but it needs our help to thrive. That's why each year on April 22, more than a billion people celebrate Earth Day.
Apr 22 | 4 min read | News
Keep Your Home Green - Here's How to Do It You may be surprised at how much of a negative impact just one person can have on the planet. But these small lifestyle adjustments can change that.
Apr 21 | 4 min read | Sustainability
Calculate Your Environmental Impact With the Horti Footprint Chain Program With the Horti Footprint Chain Program, the horticultural sector is taking collective action by collecting data and jointly making a plan to reduce our footprint.
Mar 24 | 2 min read | Sustainability
Sustainable Floristry - How is This Going to Shape the Industry in 2022? It is a constantly changing subject but as more products are created for florists to use in their designs, sustainable floristry will evolve.
Jan 03 | 4 min read | Sustainability
Trends in Retail Floristry Since these change every year, keeping up with them is important to know where to focus your efforts to ensure your business blooms.
Nov 08 | 3 min read | How It Works
Why Choose MPS-ABC? MPS helps make the global horticulture sector more sustainable.
Oct 28 | 2 min read | Events
Climate-Positive Parfum Flower Company Offers CO2-Neutral Roses Together with its international growers, the company is working hard to compensate for emissions and strives to offer all of the roses CO2-neutral.
Oct 22 | 3 min read | Sustainability
Brazilian Homes Get a Colorful Makeover With a Vertical Garden As part of an innovative partnership, dozens of Brazilian homes received a dramatic makeover of both interior and exterior spaces.
Oct 06 | 2 min read | Garden
How KFC Focuses on Sustainability With FOSS This benchmark of social, environmental, and good agricultural practice plays a critical role in ensuring sustainable and quality production of flowers in Kenya.
Sep 17 | 9 min read | News
It’s the ‘How-to-Improve-Part’ That Counts Most When Choosing for MPS Not just record-keeping, it's so much more
Aug 10 | 6 min read | News
How Sustainable Is a Rose From Ecuador? A good question for a good reason, and Farm Direct brings some interesting research into the light
Jul 21 | 1 min read | News
Iris van Herpen Recycles Plastic Waste into Sculptural Garments Exploring the fragility of marine ecosystems and sustainability
Jul 14 | 2 min read | News

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