​Saikei, the Japanese Art of Nurturing Miniature Landscapes
Indulge Yourself in Saikei, the Japanese Art of Nurturing Living Landscapes In modern contexts, this concept is often seen as a way to capture the beauty and calmness of nature in a small-scale setting.
​​Sian Flowers gets Carbon Net Zero Certification for​ Sustainability.
A Carbon Net Zero Recognition for Sian Flowers' Efforts in Sustainability The rose and summer flower grower has constantly put in place measures that ensure sustainably produced flowers.
Sep 20 | 5 min read
Kenya's Eco-Tourism: Reconnecting With Nature Through Its Conservation
Kenya's Eco-Tourism Is Reconnecting With Nature Through Conservation A great way to experience the beauty of Kenya while also helping to ensure future generations can also enjoy it. 
Sep 06 | 8 min read
Sideau booth at Trendz
Sideau Presents Itself to Sustainable Florists at the Trendz Exhibition "Astounded by the interest in our 100% biodegradable floral foam alternative."
National Wildlife Day highlights the significance of animals in nature.
National Wildlife Day Highlights the Importance of Animals in the Sustainability of Nature National Wildlife Day was established in 2005 and its primary objective was to raise awareness about the need for wildlife conservation. 
Urban trees
12 Reasons Why Cities Need More Trees Many cities around the globe have recognized the value of integrating trees into their urban planning efforts. They are not just tourism magnets but also epicenters of sustainability and well-being.
Aug 30 | 5 min read
​The remarkable World Honey Bee Day celebrates honeybees.
Celebration and Education Go Hand in Hand at World Honey Bee Day Help your buzzing buddies on the 3rd Saturday of August to be the best pollinators on this planet.
Kenya Flower Market Update
Kenya’s Flower Market Update From its good equatorial climate and weather patterns to a host of other favorable conditions, Kenya is proving to be a giant in global flower production.
Aug 16 | 22 min read
Porta Nova Perfect Climate for Roses square feature on Thursd
The Quest for the Perfect Rose-Growing Climate Porta Nova's holy grail is to achieve environmentally friendly and cost-effective rose cultivation.
Aug 02 | 5 min read
Katharina Albrechtsen’s Nature-Inspired Floral Designs at the Interflora World Cup 2023
Interflora World Cup 2023 Competitor Katharina Albrechsten Creator of charming and captivating floral art with a bias towards nature.
That Flower Feeling Self Care
The Importance of That Flower Feeling This initiative holds an immense potential for positive change.
Jun 28 | 3 min read
World Rainforest Day
World Rainforest Day Is a Celebration of Our Green Guardians World Rainforest Day serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of collective action in safeguarding our forest treasures.

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