Have You Seen the #LoveNotWar Campaign on 12th of March?

A powerful message from growers, florists, designers, suppliers, and wholesalers: "Spread the love of flowers all over the world."

By: THURSD. | 12-03-2022 | 2 min read
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All over the world, giant floral hearts are emerging with a clear message: love, not war. Joint forces contributed to floral hearts in dozens of cities such as Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Zürich, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Medellín, Quito, Toronto, New York, and Miami. A message by floriculture worldwide, on 12th of March. 


#LoveNotWar is a global action that took place at the same moment across 40 cities around the world! Floriculture has beautiful products with powerful symbolism that speak an international language of love and friendship, of gratitude and support, offering comfort, and most of all, hope.

This is the reason several horticultural partners teamed up with Blachère Illumination to use the heart symbol to bring the powerful message to dozens of cities in Europe and beyond: #LoveNotWar.



The message consists of a giant heart decorated with fresh flowers with the message #LoveNotWar. With the powerful symbol of these hearts, floriculture hopes to share the love across the globe. A true manifest for Peace... Anyone can join and share this floral message on social media using the universal hashtag #LoveNotWar.


#LoveNotWar on Thursd

All You Need Is Love 

In 22 countries across the globe, big hearts popped up and the Beatles song "All You Need Is Love" was played to connect people, to bring them together. 
Band singing LoveNotWar on Thursd
Heart for #lovenotwar in Brussels - on Thursd
In Brussels, @skabiosa_bxl and @doflowersbydamienoverputte used more than 2000 flower stems to make this floral creation. 
Heart at WFFSA by Roses del Corazon - on Thursd
This heart was created by Rosas Del Corazon at WFFSA trade show. It's made of fresh roses representing a powerful universal symbol, speaking the international language of love and friendship, support, gratitude, comfort, and hope.
Alina Neacsa with her heart for #lovenotwar with garden roses of Tambuzi - on Thursd
Alina Neacsa with a huge team to work with these garden roses from Tambuzi to share the message of #lovenotwar.

A Worldwide Message

What a powerful message from growers, florists, designers, suppliers, and wholesalers: "Spread the love of flowers all over the world."


#lovenotwar on Thursd


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