Heterosis by Mat Collishaw Is the Flower NFT Project You Need to Know About

Heterosis allows users to hybridize and cultivate bespoke animated digital flowers that grow in a hyperrealistic metaverse garden.

By: THURSD. | 08-03-2023 | 4 min read
Floral Art How It Works
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Heterosis is the name that Mat Collishaw has given his new project revolving around flower NFTs. Mat Collishaw on metaverse flower breeding and his dynamic NFT collection has quickly risen to become one of the most seen and wanted NFT flower collections of all time. Check out his stupendous and out-of-this-world work.

Heterosis - An Immersive NFT Flower Experience by Mat Collishaw

Mat Collishaw, a British multi-media artist, has long explored unique, cross-disciplinary creative expressions, from generating imaginative kinetic sculptures and taking deceptive images to experimenting with current technologies.

In Heterosis, a first-of-its-kind set of dynamic, digital metaverse encounters, the artist makes his first impact on the Web3 sphere. The project is interactive and immersive, leveraging new technology and gaming mechanics and based on a uniquely collaborative digital network to enable new levels of involvement and co-creation on the blockchain.



A Dynamic and Breedable NFT Collection

The two key components of the Heterosis experience — a dynamic, breedable NFT collection of hyperrealistic flowers and an immersive metaverse garden environment — are only made possible by the decentralized virtual context and real-time interactions of the collectors, which shape the unexpected outcomes.

The initiative by Mat Collishaw invites collectors to take part in a daring game in which they can hybridize, develop, and gather their own bespoke animated flowers. Each product contributes to an ever-expanding library of dynamic NFTs that combine computer algorithms with floral genetic coding to enable collectible hybridization and mutation. Heterosis could not exist in any context other than blockchain, with its multiple participants bringing the artwork to fruition.

How the Collection Works

Heterosis tokens are 3D animated flowers that breed and evolve after being coined. Each flower has its own DNA or genetic code and can hybridize with any other bloom in the collection. When the flowers are bred by their collectors, a new hybrid flower blooms with characteristics from both parent flowers.


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Collectors are encouraged to become breeders or collaborative artists, developing new species and increasingly exotic and intricate blooms for their own enjoyment or for resale. All of the flowers will be visible in their current iteration in a fascinating, ever-changing metaverse public place.

The Inspiration Behind Heteroris

The project takes place against the backdrop of the 'Greenhouse', a hyperrealistic, post-apocalyptic simulation of London's National Gallery. Collectors can adopt an avatar, roam the garden's surreal environment, and interact with other participants while perusing all Heterosis flowers in their current iteration and observing their renderings unfolding in real-time in the cloud within this centralized immersive, social, and persistent digital environment.


Colorful nft project of flowers by Mat Collishaw


Mat Collishaw expresses the idea of how you first start with a flower seed, then it blooms, and you can potentially hybridize your flower with another flower to attain certain traits of that other flower. You will eventually come upon recessive genes, which will disclose previously unknown features.

Your flower may not appear to possess that gene, and neither does the other pair of flowers, but it is still present, and your flower may inherit it. He took this fundamental concept and began figuring out various mechanics: for example, if you employ multiple breeding with your flower, you may uncover an entirely new species of flower.

How Did the Idea of Heteroris Start for Mat Collishaw?

Mat Collishaw states and eccentrically shares he had been working on a collection with a centralized, social, permanent, and immersive setting for quite some time. Then he started working on a flower breeding notion he had in mind and slowly but surely, the project started to bloom beautifully.


Mat Collishaw bio
Artist Mat Collishaw


The rise in NFT pricing has been likened to the speculative bubble that fueled the 17th-century Tulip fever, and Mat Collishaw was so interested in this topic that he started to read several books on the subject. The more he read, the more intriguing and invigorating the parallels and distinctions between the NFT collection seemed to him.

Join the Waitlist to Obtain Heterosis NFTs

A collection of dynamic NFTs that combine genetic algorithms with blockchain technology to facilitate the hybridization of mutable digital flowers. Heterosis is an unprecedented flower hybridization experience in which participants can cultivate their own bespoke animated flower.

Collectors are encouraged to become breeders or collaborative artists, creating increasingly exotic and intricate blooms for their own enjoyment or to forecast future worth and stimulate speculation. Produced by and El-Gabal on the platform in conjunction with Danil Krivoruchko. Join the waitlist to get your favorite flower NFT in the Heterosis collection by Mat Collishaw.




About NFTs

If you wonder what this whole story on NFTs is about, you’ll need to be familiar with what these 'non-fungible tokens' actually are since it's a terminology that may sound a little fuzzy or confusing for some.

A non-fungible token, abbreviated as NFT, is a more recent type of digital asset. These digital assets might be any type of digitized work of art or music, including drawings. One example is digital flowers. NFT procedures, like crypto gardening, allow for the sale, purchase, and even creation of flower NFTs. Similar to stocks, their prices can change as a result of supply and demand as well as a variety of other reasons.


Photos by Mat Collishaw.


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