How Sustainable Is a Rose From Ecuador?

A good question for a good reason, and Farm Direct brings some interesting research into the light

By: THURSD. | 21-07-2021 | 1 min read News
How sustainable is a rose from Ecuador? More and more often we hear this question, and for good reason. From grower to consumer, sustainability is an increasingly important theme. Not only the rose itself matters, but also the manner in which it is grown and traded. How Sustainable Is a Rose From Ecuador - quote

It Is Not Clear to Everyone

Farm Direct, an importer of Ecuadorian roses, regularly talks to florists. During these conversations, it became apparent that the sustainability of Ecuadorian roses is not clear to everyone. People wondered, how sustainable is a rose from Ecuador? How Sustainable Is a Rose From Ecuador

An Answer to This Question

To provide a substantiated answer to this question, Farm Direct delved into the literature. It turns out that the ecological impact of roses imported from Ecuador, in terms of emissions, is usually lower than that of local production. This is because emissions from aviation are generally lower than emissions from greenhouse lighting and heating. Ecuadorian growers also have a positive socio-economic impact on the country as they provide the local population with a stable income and secure employment. "Writing this research, and studying the reports has awakened a new flame in us. It feels like we have a new mission. We’ve always been conscious entrepreneurs, but now we see that we can do even more. We want to do more."

Bottom Line

Bottom line, according to Max Havelaar & Quantis, Ecuadorian roses outperform Dutch roses in terms of emissions, even taking into account the seasons. This is confirmed by Alig & Frischknecht (2018). The lowest emissions in both studies come from Kenyan roses, which have the smallest CO2 footprint in both winter and summer. Curious about the full report? Read it HERE. Victoria Peset Bijleveld from Farm Direct


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