If You Haven’t Yet, Now’s the Time to Shop Frivolous Floral Shoes

On special occasions, trade your sneakers for these floral ballerinas.

By: THURSD. | 11-01-2023 | 2 min read
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The founders of the brand Mark Levillen are the talented St. Petersburg designers Lena and Dima. This creative duo manufactures leather and suede shoes and bags. Their constantly updated collection features frivolous and provocative models. Meet their latest line of handmade shoes and bags of genuine leather, decorated with flower petals.

Frivolous Floral Shoes

The name of the brand MARK LEVILLEN is a combination of several words, and feelings, and not the name of a specific person, as it might seem at first glance. “Mark” to the pseudonym for “Levillen”, which means “sign, trace, imprint” in English.

"The designs of frivolous floral shoes we make are inspired both by nature and our love for our work. Each time we have a new design we are so overwhelmed by emotions about what we achieved again."

Frivolous Floral Shoes

Frivolous Floral Shoes

Meet the Frivolous Flora Series Of Mark Levillen

Below, the photos will walk you through the unique and floral "FLORA" series of ballerinas and bags. A fashion line in which flower petals are delicately placed on top of shoes and handbags. A real expression of floral fashion.

Frivolous Floral Shoes
Frivolous Floral Shoes - mark levillen - light blue bag and shoe
Shop Frivolous Floral Shoes - mark levillen - light blue bag
Frivolous Floral Shoes

A few quotes from the artistic duo about their floral shoes:

"Spring is a time of rebirth. New ideas bloom and take on new forms."
"Flowers have their own language. They are silent, but they are talked about a lot."

Ballerinas BLOOM Of the Flora Series

Frivolous Floral Shoes - mark levillen - dark pink shoes
Frivolous Floral Shoes - mark levillen - dark pink shoe


Online and Offline Stores for Mark Levillen's Frivolous Floral Shoes

Lena Lozhkina, one of the founders of the brand, explains that with times changing so fast, they want to open offline points of sale and increase communication channels with customers, expanding their capabilities. Mark Levillen's online store, which opened last October, offers branded ballet flats and mules with flowers, neat Chelsea shoes and boots in a wide color palette, sneakers, loafers, and other models of shoes, as well as bags for women. Sections of shoes for men and women remain in development on the brand's website.


Also, the matching bags are so unique. With the floral decorations that you can take off by the way, you make a really spectacular entrance wherever you go. 


Frivolous Floral Shoes - mark levillen - bag setup
Frivolous Floral Shoes


Frivolous Floral Shoes
Get to know the Flora Collection 



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