Flower-Inspired Makeup Is the Feel-Good Trend That We All Need Flowers are not only an opportunity to get more imaginative with makeup, but it's also a visual mood boost after the last year's doom and gloom.
Nov 09 | 3 min read
These Floral Face Masks Are Pretty Cool Florists show off their covid creativity in the form of floral face masks
Aug 05 | 3 min read
Floral Human Figures by Jean-Michel Bihorel Digitally Bloom Integrating a mix of 3D scanning techniques and procedural modeling to create a sequence of carefully placed postures.
Jul 06 | 2 min read
Commercial Bouquet's Secret Formula These are the key elements to keep in mind when creating a commercial bouquet.
Hu Weiyi Lights Up Flowers with Electricity A dangerously beautiful photo series
Feb 12 | 2 min read
Creating a Meditative State of Mind with Dried Flowers Awaken the senses with Poppykalas’ underwater world installations
Aug 26 | 2 min read
Bethan Laura Wood Sharing Her Design Insights A unique sense of style and bold use of color
Mar 05 | 7 min read
Sasha Duerr is a Natural Dyer, Artist & Alchemist Sasha is widely regarded as one of the leading voices working within the world of plant-based palettes
Illustrator Katie Laura Ashton The daily struggles of a florist illustrated playfully
Dec 07 | 3 min read
Andreas Verheijen Engineers Flowers With his flower engineering, Verheijen goes much further than nature
Dec 02 | 1 min read
Canaan Marshall’s Holiday Style The Atlanta-based floral talent whips up some Christmas cheer for the front door and beyond
Serenade in Blue Trendstory by the GreenGallery

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