The Floral Autumn Fire of Jatropha Firecracker

Inspiration from BLOOM's and Marginpar let your creativity come to life with this extraordinary flower.

By: THURSD. | 01-10-2023 | 5 min read
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Jatropha Firecracker

As the leaves kickstart their graceful descent from trees, painting the surroundings with tones of red, orange, and even golden yellow, you can feel the air changing. That's the spirit of autumn, with its soothing aroma-filled ambiance and its crisp mornings and cozy nights. Yet amid all the transformation, we tend to overlook the beauty and exquisite nature of flowers that still and always give a colorful look to your indoor space.

Combine Marginpar's commitment to the creation of unique flowers with the trendy creativity of BLOOM's and you will get an inspiring and stylish masterpiece. Floral autumn is a possibility, not only with the wide array of available fall flowers but the quality and elegance of Jatropha Firecracker.

Jatropha Firecracker

The Jatropha Firecracker does have quite an unusual appearance. It's a kind of weird cut flower with a coral-like appearance and striking flamy colors. You might even wonder how on earth does this coral grow on land? But it does, and it's name is Jatropha. The Firecracker variety is grown and available year-round in Tanzania by Marginpar.

German-based floral professional agency and media company BLOOM's went all in with the floral design and staging of Jatropha's floral autumn fire. The incorporation of different design elements and facets brought the elegance of the flower to the limelight in the most exquisite yet intriguing manner. Here is a review of their amazing designs to give you that floral autumn fire vibe.


Jatropha Firecracker
Jatropha Firecracker with Scabiosa Focal Scoop Bicolor Pink


Tables Decorations Meet the Fire of Color

Branches of red Cornus crisscross each other like flickering flames. The narrowly chosen color spectrum of orange and red tones makes the floral part of the table arrangement particularly striking. An elongated wooden vessel with fresh flower foam serves as the base for the branches and florals.

The addition of candlelights gives the design a well-balanced lighting allowing the magic of Jatropha Firecracker to come to life. The result is the perfect table decorations, luxurious, stylish, and inviting.

The full menu consists of Astrantia Star of Love, Daucus Carota Dara, Jatropha Firecracker, Scabiosa Dark Cherry Scoop, Cornus Alba Sibirica, Cucurbita pepo, and red pepper.


Jatropha Firecracker


Exorbitant Room Decoration

The interplay between the size of the frame and the richly textured materials creates an overwhelming room decoration. Lianas and fruiting stems are attached to the metal frame using fabric strips and convey a mystical atmosphere. The florals, some of which are exotic, are inserted into glass tubes that are fixed to the various pieces of wood with vine twine.

The exorbitant room design does not outrightly declare the fire and beauty of this Jatropha but even when being concealed, the flower's sleekness and presence are visible to the right and perfect degree.

The flowers and greens accompanying Jatropa in this design are Crocosmia Prince of Orange, Elaeis guineensis, Fallopia japonica, Miscanthus White Cloud, Scabiosa Dark Cherry Scoop, Anthurium andraeanum, Aralia, Fagus sylvatica, Phoenix Roebelenii, and the dried lianas.


Jatropha Firecracker


Horizontal Beacons

With a raised background, both designs gain in size, allowing the florals used to convey a firework of color intensity.

In the left picture below, angled stems of Reynoutria japonica create spaces in between the florals, transitioning into a sleek and flawless design. Other flowers used in this arrangement are Crocosmia Prince of Orange, Daucus carota Dara, Panicum Heavy Metal, Sanguisorba Red Dream, Aralia, Corylus avellana, and Pinus nigra.

Meanwhile, the design on the right is dominated by horizontally staggered florals. Next to the Jatropha, you see in this design Crocosmia Prince of Orange, Sanguisorba Red Dream, Cordyline Red Leaf, Cucurbita pepo, and Fallopia japonica.

The color intensity of these designs exhibited the limitless creation possibilities available for you when working with Jatropha Firecracker. It fuels the fire within, it is what it takes to exploit its true potential.


Jatropha Firecracker


Fire Bowls

The almost exclusive and dense amount of the Firecracker enhances the expressive appearance of its bizarre flowers and is accompanied by chestnuts with spiky shells.

The design brings to light the dramatic nature of Jatropha's blooms, with a coral-like appearance, it is evident that pairing with different elements comes out naturally and effortlessly. You can easily turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with the fire of this flower, making it your perfect floral autumn design.

What else is to be seen in this design? Daucus Dara, Scabiosa Focal Scoop Bicolor Pink, Talinum Long John, Castanea sativa, and Cornus alba Sibirica.


Jatropha Firecracker


Elevate Your Designs With Jatropha Firecracker

Marginpar cultivates Jatropha Firecracker as a cut flower with a length of 35 to 45 cm. The flowers of the succulent plant on the thick-fleshed stem appear even before the leaves are formed. The trivial name bottle plant is due to its bottle-shaped stem. Grown in one of its farms in Tanzania, Marginpar reckons that Jatropha needs heat to achieve the desired length.

With its texture, colors, and coral look, the Jatropha Firecracker is a cut flower worth experiencing, stretching the design possibilities igniting the fire within, and turning it into a magical experience and creative session. The flexibility of this cut flower, allows you to play around with different designs, from centerpieces to mixed floral vase arrangements.


Jatropha Firecracker


As you immerse yourself in the crisp and coziness of autumn, Jatropha Firecracker's design possibilities should inspire creativity within you. Create a floral autumn fire and get lost in the power and touch of flowers and the immense yet positive effect it has on us every time.


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Pictures and floral design by @BLOOM's.


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