Katya Hutter and Lebanto Meet in the Secret Garden at the Dutch Design Week

A place where your soul feels at home, your heart is filled with joy, and your inspiration will last forever.

By: THURSD. | 02-11-2022 | 2 min read
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Lebanto and Katya Hutter Dutch Design Week 2022 header on Thursd

What do you get when you team up top-notch floral arranger Katya Hutter with high-class furniture designer Lebanto during Dutch Design Week? Get set for some designing magic in their Secret Garden.

Dutch Design Week

For an entire week designers of different disciplines and from everywhere come to the southern Dutch city of Eindhoven. On dozens of locations spread across the city over 600 events take place during this yearly celebration of designing art.

The designers at DDW show us that the future is already here, surrounding us in many ways and shapes. Their designs help us to understand this, and find ways to use the potential of what's in store for us. They teach us how to make use of the possibilities that are available in a world that screams for sustainable solutions. Not only with the materials we use, but also for our own bodies and minds.



Secret Garden by Lebanto & Katya Hutter

For Dutch Design Week 2022 an Italian brand of hand-crafted state-of-art furniture Lebanto and celebrated Dutch floral designer Katya Hutter combined the finest materials, artisan expertise, and mutual appreciation of nature to design an enchanted space, an inspiring and compelling 'Secret Garden'.



This enchanting place is filled with the finest floral beauty, warm colors of natural wood, mesmerizing mirror reflections, and precious metal glow. Lush and creative floral arrangements are made by Katya Hutter using luxurious garden roses and the highest quality dried flowers, provided by Parfum Flower Company and Dried Flower Company. These designs will spark your imagination.


Lebanto and Katya Hutter Secret Garden on Thursd


Katya Hutter about Secret Garden:

"This is a place where your soul feels at home, your heart is filled with joy, and your inspiration will last forever."


Photo and content credits: @lebanto_official, @katyahutterfloraldesign, @parfum_flower_company, @driedflower_company.



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