Christmas Magic With Homo Faber Guide My contribution to a special Christmas project with a video workshop and step-by-step instructions.
Katya Hutter and Lebanto Meet in the Secret Garden at the Dutch Design Week A place where your soul feels at home, your heart is filled with joy, and your inspiration will last forever.
Using David Austin Roses to Create Award-Winning Floral Designs for Events and Weddings Floral designer Katya Hutter masters the use of beautiful garden roses for luxurious wedding floral designs with a stunning result behind them.
Sep 21 | 12 min read
Drumroll - Alexandra Farms Announcing the Winners of the 5th Annual Garden Rose Design Contest To make a choice between so many fantastic entries has to be very difficult. But the judges did it and these are the winning photographs.
Sep 09 | 2 min read
I Am a Homo Faber "I am so honored to have been asked to share my work with such a unique guide, that promotes artisans and designers in Europe."
Put It to the Test - Sustainable St. Valentine’s Day Floral Designs Comparing a new natural and microplastic-free flower block Sideau with a regular green Oasis and a brown Oasis Bio floral foams during a busy St. Valentine's Day period.
60th Anniversary of Dutch National Ballet Celebrated With Thousands of Flowers A unique collaboration of an award-winning photographer, graceful dancers, and floral designer Katya Hutter in natural garden style, flamboyant Art Deco style, and magical Christmas ambiance.
Dec 15 | 11 min read
Working With Some of the World’s Most Beautiful Roses Amsterdam based floral designer Katya Hutter and South African designer Shari Tamar Akal visit the De Ruiter breeding facilities.
Garden-Style as Inspiration for My Nature-Inspired & Glamorous Wedding Designs Returning to the Garden of Eden with Avalanche+ roses and amazingly beautiful bridal decorations.
Jul 14 | 3 min read
Looking for the Summer 7 Rules to stay sane and creative during the pandemic
Mar 24 | 7 min read
The Edge of the Cliff Inspired by David Attenborough’s film "A Life on Our Planet"
Nov 25 | 6 min read
Flowers for Justice and Equality A floral statement in which photography, floristry, politics, and philosophy are intertwined
Sep 23 | 8 min read

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