It's About What the End User Wants - Koen Pack’s View on Sustainability

There are a lot of possibilities to be sustainable

By: THURSD. | 15-07-2020 | 2 min read
When it’s about sustainable packaging, one of the first companies that come to mind in Europe is Koen Pack. Recently, they have introduced a sample book with all kinds of materials available for growers, florists, and wholesalers. Koen Pack proudly presents this sample book. Also in Koen Pack's showroom close to the Flower Auction in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands, there is a great deal of attention for sustainable packaging.

What is Koen Pack’s View on Sustainability?

Koen Pack’s view on sustainability Mirjam Colijn Quote

Knowledge Sessions

We know that many florists, growers, and also traders have questions about the materials they use to pack and dress up their flowers and plants. Therefore, Koen Pack started to offer knowledge sessions last year. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this has come to a temporary hold, but they are slowly starting the preparations to begin again. During these meetings in the showroom, or at the customers' office, people from Koen Pack speak about Koen Pack’s view on sustainability and sustainability in a broad way.
Showroom at Koen Pack on Thursd
Showroom at Koen Pack
Mirjam Colijn, marketing assistant at Koen Pack:
“It’s impossible for us to say which packaging is best. It all depends on what it’s used for and what the end user wants. They are probably not always aware of the possibilities and the reason why to choose for e.g. a paper sleeve. Or a plastic one. As long as we can give all information about the source and the final step where to leave it after use, we think we can be distinctive for them to make a choice. Understand that the part of disposal, once it is used, is of great importance. Do you recycle it, yes or no?”
Koen Pack’s view on sustainability- Mirjam Colijn - On Thursd
Mirjam Colijn

New Sustainable Design

Looking at the website, we find Koen Pack’s view on sustainability with several pages about organic and compostable packaging and what Koen Pack does to contribute to CO² reduction. Each year a new collection is created to stay on top of the trends in the market. These developments in sustainability give the opportunity for Monique Geerlings, the product development manager of Koen Pack, to develop items according to the 5-R Improvement directions. Monique Geerlings:
“When we start developing new products, we think about how to reduce environmental pressure of the items, because the design has a direct impact on the recyclability and reusability of packaging. By using FSC paper, we contribute to the protection of our global forests and to a healthy living environment for humans and animals worldwide.”

Cardboard Buckets

The latest introduction is a cardboard 8 and 10-liter FSC© certified bucket which gives a natural look to the flower bunches or big plants at the shop.
Koen Pack's view on sustainability - on Thursd. Mirjam Colijn
The showroom at Koen Pack with the cardboard buckets
For more information about sustainable packaging, you can best contact Mirjam Colijn at [email protected] or by phone +31 (20) 545 2470. Koen Pack’s view on sustainability - Recycling - On Thursd



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