Lacking Autumn Inspo? Get Your Kicks With Autumn Pot Mums

An extraordinary way of spicing up your spaces this autumn starts with a full dose of colorful chrysanthemums.

By: THURSD. | 02-11-2022 | 3 min read
Autumn season chrysanthemums header on Thursd

Royal Van Zanten's mums have done it once again! Their significant levels of colorful beauty are the autumn inspiration and palette you've been waiting for all along. Royal Van Zanten's pot mums in yellow, orange, and red tonalities are everything you need. Check them out here.

Autumn Warmth for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Looking for the perfect autumn compliment? Royal Van Zanten will be your best shot for an incredible fall season inspo when it comes to garden and indoor mums. If you've been a long-time fan of chrysanthemums, you cannot miss out on learning why these mums will become your newest and most attractive way of decorating your spaces to live up to the gorgeousness of what autumn season is.


Royal Van Zanten autumn mums on Thursd


Although there are many ways of adding 'warmth' to spaces, including a range of colorful indoor and outdoor mums will probably be one of your safest and most brilliant ways of adding the desired autumn warmth.

Start a Colorful Garden Journey With Pot Mums

If you've decided to embark on a floral journey and want to embellish your garden exterior spaces with dazzling and appealing mums, Royal Van Zanten is happy to guide you along the way to obtain fantastic results not only indoors, but outdoors as well. They reveal that the perfect formula for a fantastic autumn garden color palette involves choosing the right type of flowers and plants.


Because the autumn season starts getting chilly, Royal Van Zanten recommends keeping your pot mums outside at a maximum temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. If it were to get colder, make sure to take them inside and give them the warmth they need to keep surviving and giving you great doses of color.

Spectacular Indoor Arrangements Using Pot Mums

The greatest advantage of having Royal Van Zanten's mums around is their double use, meaning they can be placed outside or inside, depending on your decoration intentions. As previously mentioned, mums do a great job of decorating gardens, but have you ever placed a range of autumn mums inside your home? If not, you have no idea what you're missing out on!


Indoor decor using Royal Van Zanten autumn mums on Thursd


How about starting your indoor home decor by placing yellow, orange, and bi-colored mums on center tables or living room tables? They'll absolutely steal the show and shift your decor toward a mum-tastic mood. To give your decoration with mums a little more of an autumn look, you are welcome to add other objects like candles to give the ambiance more warmth and overall aesthetic.

A Selection of Royal Van Zanten Autumn Pot Mums

These are some of Royal Van Zanten's favorite pot mums to achieve the fall look of your dreams. These include Tempo Time, Giro Time, Cardinal Time, and HoiHoi mums.

1. Pot Chrysanthemum Tempo Time

Bright yellow Tempo Time mums are ready to add brightness to dull autumn spaces that may not be very illuminated.


Royal Van Zanten Tempo Time on Thursd
Pot Chrysanthemum Tempo Time


2. Pot Chrysanthemum Giro Time Orange

Orange fits the autumn palette perfectly and everyone knows it. The gorgeous Giro Time mums by Royal Van Zanten never disappoint.


Royal Van Zanten Giro Time on Thursd
Pot Chrysanthemum Giro Time Orange


3. Pot Chrysanthemum Cardinal Time

The dark passionate red color found in Royal Van Zanten's Cardinal Time mums is indeed a very strong color option that'll instantly feel like adding magic to your spaces.


Pot Chrysanthemum Cardinal Time on Thursd
Pot Chrysanthemum Cardinal Time


4. Pot Chrysanthemum HoiHoi

A double dose of wonderful fall colors. The HoiHoi pot mums are the perfect 2-in-1 option to embellish your garden or interior spaces. 


Royal Van Zanten HoiHoi mum variety on Thursd
Pot Chrysanthemum HoiHoi


Which one are you choosing? We can certainly say we love every bit of pot mums.



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