Lose Yourself in These Mesmerizing Vintage Illustrations of the Natural World

This book stunningly reveals the wonders of all organisms as never seen before.

By: THURSD. | 12-01-2022 | 1 min read
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Sometimes there is a new book in store that just doesn't need much promotion. Especially when it's a perfect fit between animals and botanicals detailed in word and display. They WoW you from the moment you lay your eyes on their beautiful illustrations and intriguing essays. Wild Design is such a book, a brilliantly curated illustrational guide to all organisms.

Wild Design


The vintage illustrations in the book Wild Design reveal stunning, extraordinary, and functional shapes. These shapes are created by animals, plants, and other organisms all around us and together create the base of all wonders of the natural world.


Lose Yourself in these Mesmerizing Vintage Illustrations of the Natural World - wild design - kimberley ridley on thursd

A Fusion of Art and Science

The author of the book, Kimberley Ridley, brings together a fascinating fusion of art and science in her collection of vintage illustrations and accompanying essays. All structures and shapes in nature are discussed and are somehow intertwined and connected to each other. This fascinating exploration in the form of detailed illustrations is accompanied by the author's lively essays.

A collection of work by scientists and biologists describes the most striking phenomena, from the smallest organisms to the monumental foundations of our globe.

Lose Yourself in these Mesmerizing Vintage Illustrations of the Natural World - wild design book - kimberley ridley on thursd

Wild Design takes us back to the microscopic principles of all organisms on Earth, reminding us that remarkable phenomena are happening all around us.



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