Moss' Self-Watering Lamps Can Grow Plants on Its Own

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By: THURSD. | 26-06-2024 | 2 min read
How It Works
Moss' self-watering lamp for plants and flowers

Moss, a California-based startup, is developing the world's first self-watering grow lamp, which can cultivate plants and herbs while illuminating dark spaces with its adjustable luminosity. The lamp's all-white shade is the first indication of its minimalist design while having several characteristics that make it an innovative and curious creation.

Moss’ Self-Watering Lamp Can Grow Plants and Herbs on Its Own While Lighting up Spaces

Yes, you read that right. Moss has invented a self-watering lamp that'll save you time and will take care of your plants when you're not home. The best thing is when you return, your plants will still be thriving and very happy. The lighting design employs a head bowing over the plants or herbs, directly projecting a beam similar to sunlight, so they are cultivated even day and night and without the presence of the sun.


Self watering lamp for plants and flowers by Moss


A curious and fun fact about this lamp is that it is refillable with nutrients and water for plants and herbs. A circular base sits at the bottom of Moss' Self-Watering Grow Lamp and serves as the pot for the plants and herbs. This base is also where the user injects nutrients and refills the water for the plants and herbs; all they need to do is rotate the base to ensure that the greens receive enough indoor sunlight from the Self-Watering Grow Lamp's beam. Because it takes care of plants, herbs, and more (including flowers), the user only needs to set the lamp's water schedule, and it will hydrate the growing foliage automatically.


Watering a plant automatically with Moss lamp


Different herbs and plants for Moss self watering


Expanded Clay That Replaces Soil

Moss uses expanded clay in its Self-Watering Grow Lamp to avoid using chemicals and pesticides commonly used with soil. In this case, the plants and herbs grow organically, without using any potentially harmful chemicals. According to Moss' team, the device also offers customizable water schedules, allowing users to grow as many different types of plants and herbs as they want (within the size and limits of the pot's teacup-like dimensions).


Adjusting watering on Moss lamp
The Moss self-watering lamp has adjustable watering levels for different plants


Green plants being self watered by Moss lamp


Founded by Nicolas Riano and Strahinja Spasojević, Moss now offers a light intensity range from Plant Growth to Sunset Glow (semi-white to warm beams). The luminosity can provide ambient lighting to any space where the lamp is placed, as well as protect the plants and herbs from being overexposed to sunlight.


Self lighting anthuriums with Moss lamp


The team launched the campaign for the product and as of now, people can already reserve their lamp on Moss' website.


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