Discover Odilia, a Great Collection of Exotic Flowers

Imported by Coloríginz, used in extravagant floral works of art by designers all over the globe.

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Proteas Odilia by Coloriginz

In the wonderful world of floriculture with all its different species, varieties, shapes, and colors, some flowers stand out from the crowd. Who hasn't looked and looked again at the otherworldly flowers that are grown in regions like South Africa, Australia, Colombia, and Southern Europe? Discover the world of Odilia, the quality brand of strong and very different exotic flowers.

Odilia by Coloríginz

You may know Coloríginz as the household name for an assortment of flowers and foliage that transcend the ordinary. This assortment is carefully gathered with selected master growers who have earned their stripes when it comes to delivering the perfect product at its best, during the natural season when it's at its best. Their skills and passion are clearly visible in Odilia, one of many brands by Coloríginz.

Odilia is all that you would expect when you aim to surprise your client or consumer. It's a wide selection of proteas, leucospermums, Cape greens, banksias, and leucadendrons of all sorts and sizes.


Wedding Decoration Leafy Couture With Protea
Design by @leafycouture


An Exotic Paradise for Florists

As any seasoned florist knows, cultivating extraordinary flowers is no easy feat. It requires unwavering dedication and a generous dose of patience. Together, Odilia and its master growers set out to create a stunning collection of fantastic flowers – a treasure trove of rare species, exclusive varieties, and unparalleled beauty. With each bloom carefully nurtured to perfection, they sought to elevate the art of floral design to new heights and redefine what it means to be truly extraordinary.

Odilia takes you into her exotic floral paradise. She lets you play with the flowers she has found for you. She bets you will join the crowd of florists who can't wait to show the world which extravagant, bizarre, or exceptional piece of art you have created with just a few of these special flowers.


Proteas by berrybotanicalflower
Protea bouquet by @berrybotanicalflower


Strong and Long-Lasting Flowers

Coloríginz's brand Odilia and its grower alliance also know you will be very satisfied with the lifespan of their assortment. Behind the mask of unmistakable beauty is a strength that keeps on surprising florists and consumers. The sturdy flowers are used to growing in harsh conditions, making them excellent for staying put in any floral arrangement when other flowers have already given up.

Odilia wants everyone to share in the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world. She makes these exquisite blooms accessible to all, ensuring that no one misses out on the chance to experience the wonder of extraordinary flowers straight to your doorstep.


Design by @fleurlecordeur for GUCCI
Design by @fleurlecordeur for GUCCI


Design by @fleurlecordeur for GUCCI
Always magic working with @fleurlecordeur @annemanncelebrates @festivalofdreams_events


Inspiration From Florist to Florist

Odilia's unique floral kingdom, particularly species like proteas, leucospermum, and cape green, offers an unparalleled palette for floral designers seeking distinction and depth in their creations. The allure of these species lies not just in their exotic beauty and vibrant colors, but also in their extraordinary forms and textures, which can transform a simple arrangement into a mesmerizing work of art.

Still puzzled about how to use these wonderful and unusual flowers? Then check some inspo from designers around the world who have paved the path for you.


Design With Protea by Dopamine Flower
Design by @dopamine_flower 


Warja Abrosimova and Dmitry Turcan With Odilia Flowers by Coloriginz
Floral influencer Warja Abrosimova and designer Dmitry Turcan


To floral designers, Proteas, with their bold, sculptural silhouettes, serve as stunning focal points, imbuing arrangements with a sense of majesty and timelessness. Leucospermum adds a dynamic, fiery energy with its intricate, pincushion-like blooms, offering both visual interest and a touch of whimsy. Cape green, on the other hand, provides a lush, verdant backdrop that enhances the visual appeal of these striking flowers, grounding them in a natural elegance.

Working with Odilia flora encourages designers to push the boundaries of traditional floral design, inspiring them to explore new textures, shapes, and color combinations. This not only enriches their artistic repertoire but also captivates clients and audiences, offering them a glimpse into the rich diversity of the flowers available at Odilia. Furthermore, incorporating these unique species into designs can evoke stories and emotions, bridging cultures and connecting people through the universal language of beauty.


Proteas Odilia by Dopamine Flower
Photo by @dopamine_flower

A Kaleidoscope of Flowers

So, whether you were a seasoned florist or a budding enthusiast, Odilia had something for everyone – a kaleidoscope of flowers that have an instant exotic look and feel in peculiar shapes and sizes that will ignite your imagination and awaken your senses. Because in the world of Odilia, ordinary is simply not an option – only the extraordinary suffices. And as long as there are flowers to discover and beauty to behold, Odilia will be there, leading the way into a world where every single one of her discoveries is a masterpiece waiting to be admired.


Header and feature image by @dopamine_flower.


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