One Flora Group's Partnership With Keukenhof Is a Win-Win for the Entire Floriculture Sector

Managing Director Flowers Sven Aertssen talks about OFG's role as floral ambassador in a next level of floriculture.

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A flower garden with worldwide fame and immense popularity like Keukenhof in the Netherlands only deserves the best flowers that are shown in their utmost beauty for the full eight weeks.

These flowers do not appear out of the blue. Although Keukenhof appears to be a fairy tale park for many flower lovers, there are no fairies, nor are there wizards, or gnomes working to conjure up that beautiful flower.

The far-from imaginary, but very real friends of Keukenhof are the flower people of One Flora Group (abbreviated as OFG). They play a big part in getting all the pomp and splendor together by organizing the growers for the flower displays. This is how.

One Flora Group & Keukenhof

For Keukenhof, this story could as well be the start of a fairy tale when in a time not so long ago — in the year 2016, to be precise — they faced difficulties in getting enough tulips for a full-fledged tulip show. Therefore, the family business L&M Rijnsburg was approached to play a role in this. They picked up the glove valiantly and since then this role has continued to expand in recent years.


One Flora Group Keukenhof


One Flora Group show at 2023 Keukenhof
One Flora Group Tulip show at the 2023 Keukenhof


L&M Rijnsburg is now part of a conglomerate under the umbrella of One Flora Group, a group of companies that provides products and services for the floral chain from source to shelf. It's a company with roots in and around the Rijnsburg and Aalsmeer flower auction of Royal FloraHolland. Here's where you will still find the core of its business.

At the heart of OFG's mission lies a commitment to excellence and community spirit. Founded on the principles of collaboration and support, One Flora Group is not just a floral enterprise but a beacon of goodwill in the Rijnsburg and Bollenstreek regions. Spearheading this endeavor is Sven Aertssen, the Managing Director Flowers, whose vision has propelled the understanding of the significant relationship between the Dutch flower industry as a whole and the worldwide promotion of Holland as a flower country that has been going on for 75 years already through a huge flower garden that he finds just around the corner: Keukenhof. If there ever was a synergy more potent, then it's here.


Yellow tulips at 2023 show in Keukenhof


Dutch Floriculture at Its Finest

For OFG, Keukenhof isn't merely an event; it's a celebration of Dutch floriculture at its finest. As the international showcase of the Netherlands' floral prowess, Keukenhof serves as a platform for growers to display their craftsmanship to a global audience. Recognizing the significance of this event, OFG stands as a steadfast supporter, ensuring Keukenhof's continued success by connecting those growers with Keukenhof.

The partnership between OFG and Keukenhof is a symbiotic one, rooted in mutual benefit and shared values. Through their collaboration, OFG extends invitations to a curated selection of growers, inviting them to showcase their blooms amidst Keukenhof's enchanting gardens. It's a testament to OFG's commitment to fostering growth within the floral community and celebrating the artistry of growers.

Sven Aertssen:

"We believe Keukenhof is the international showcase for Dutch floriculture and the ideal place where the entire floriculture sector is presented at its best. As One Flora Group, we think it is important to play a role in this and support Keukenhof.

We are happy to use our network of growers to show a beautiful and wide range of flowers, like those fantastic tulips, in a very accessible way but for a huge audience. Growers often consider it an honor that their products are exhibited at Keukenhof. We ensure that their name and logo are also visible on the product.

What we do for Keukenhof fits perfectly within our business strategy of 'next-level floriculture' in which we transparently link growers to our customers. In this case, we give growers the chance to show their products all the way to end-consumers who visit Keukenhof from all over the world."


Sven Aertssen
Sven Aertssen


OFG Makes it Easy for Growers to Participate

Behind the scenes, OFG's involvement in Keukenhof is multifaceted. From logistical coordination to promotional efforts, OFG plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless execution of the event. By streamlining the process of gathering blooms and coordinating deliveries, OFG makes it easier for growers to participate, allowing them to focus on what they do best – cultivating stunning floral displays.

One of the highlights of OFG's partnership with Keukenhof is the opportunity it affords growers to showcase their products to a global audience. Through complimentary tickets, promotional initiatives, and professional photography, OFG ensures that growers have the chance to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of Keukenhof, gaining inspiration and insights from fellow artisans.

Sven Aertssen:

"Many of the relationships we work with have been around for a long time. We have growers with whom we have been doing business for more than twenty years. Tulip grower Ronico is such a partner who has been around for a long time and with whom we have benefited from each other in growth and change. Then you really share a lot with each other and there is enormous trust. Ronico is a large bulb grower and they also grow a large amount of flowers in the tulip season. They really control the entire floral chain in-house and that fits in well with what we do.

In addition to the mass bulbs and cut flowers they grow, Ronico also has some special tulip varieties. These are wonderful to show to traders, consumers, or tourists at an exhibition such as the Keukenhof. It is not just your regular supermarket bunch that comes from the large nurseries."

With decades of shared history, OFG and Ronico exemplify the power of collaboration, working together to elevate the floral landscape.


Yellow tulips show at 2023 in Keukenhof
Traders, consumers, and tourists at the tulip show during the 2023 Keukenhof


Environmental Stewardship 

Sustainability is another cornerstone of OFG's partnership with Keukenhof. While not a prerequisite for participation, sustainability is a shared value among growers and OFG alike. Together, they champion eco-conscious practices, reflecting a commitment to environmental stewardship and a greener future for the floral industry.

For One Flora Group, Keukenhof isn't just a showcase; it's a catalyst for growth and innovation. From brand exposure to networking opportunities, Keukenhof provides a platform for OFG to connect with customers, showcase their assortment, and chart new horizons in the floral universe.

What else is OFG doing at Keukenhof this year?

Sven Aertssen:

"We are an important partner of Keukenhof, especially for the tulip show. We supply at least 75% of the flowers for this show. But besides the tulip shows, One Flora Group is also participating in the, rose, carnation, and summer flower show. And we supply plants for the Willem Alexander Pavilion, including Bromeliads by Siegfried Bunnik.

We have our own stand in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion where we can show our range with the theme 'Party' (in honor of 75 years of Keukenhof). Next to the flowers and plants that we arrange for Keukenhof through our growers, we also purchase additional assortment ourselves or deliver flowers from our Cash & Carry."


Pink-white tulips at 2023 show in Keukenhof


Shaping the Future of Dutch Floriculture

As the floral landscape evolves, so too does the partnership between OFG and Keukenhof. With new opportunities on the horizon, the future promises even greater collaboration and innovation. Together, OFG and Keukenhof are shaping the future of Dutch floriculture, one bloom at a time.

The partnership between One Flora Group and Keukenhof is a testament to the power of collaboration and community spirit within the floral industry. Through their shared commitment to excellence and innovation, they are redefining the landscape of Dutch floriculture and inspiring growers and enthusiasts alike to bloom brighter.

In the colorful tapestry of the floral world, few events shine as brightly as Keukenhof, the iconic showcase of Dutch horticultural mastery. Behind this floral extravaganza lies a tale of collaboration, innovation, and passion, with One Flora Group (OFG) playing a pivotal role in enhancing its splendor.


One Flora Group Keukenhof tulip show selfie
One Flora Group Tulip show at the 2023 Keukenhof


A Real Fairytale

For everyone who has ever visited Keukenhof it has become clear; walking in this huge garden of Eden is like being part of a really happening fairy tale. That beauty of Dutch flowers is the picture that One Flora Group hopes will stick in your head. All the efforts will have paid off when you wake up the next morning and wonder... was it a dream...?



Keukenhof banner


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