OVIflora Has a Huge Demand for Preserved and Dried Flowers in China

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By: THURSD. | 29-04-2021 | 2 min read
Dried Flowers

We’re a new company based in China. OVIflora is created to respond to the market demand for importing and distributing mainly preserved and dried flowers from the Netherlands and other European countries. But also from South Africa and South America to the China market. Certain breeds, we get from local growers in China.


OVIflora is a brand of a wide range of flowers and plants. It was created to respond to the high demand for imported flowers on the Chinese market, especially dried and preserved flowers. Today we supply the Chinese market with flowers from South Africa, the Netherlands, New Zealand, etc… But we also sell internationally Chinese grown flowers, which became very competitive over the past years thanks to an increase in quality and volume. And we’ve also selected a mix of artificial flowers that are attractive in price, style, and quality. OVIflora Has a Huge Demand for Preserved and Dried Flowers in China - Article on Thursd

D&M Depot

OVIflora was founded by a Belgian-Chinese couple, who’ve been active in the distribution of decoration products on the Chinese market since 2010, with a big emphasis on vases and pots, for example, they’ve made D&M depot, a leading European ceramics brand into the most famous brand among Chinese florists.

Bridging the Gaps

The team of 20 people is mainly based in Shenzhen. Our many years of experience allowed us to develop a broad network of suppliers as well as tiny growers in the most rural parts of China, as super modern factories of silk flowers. Often our suppliers grow in symbiosis with us, exploiting the most of their talents on producing and our talents in logistics and bringing to market. OVIflora is part of the group KNG Asia, which is specialized in bridging the gaps between both Chinese and Western cultures and putting reliability and trust as its core value. Besides purchasers and logistic people we also have 7 professional florists who can make amazing floral art for the hospitality sector or OEM-produce corporate gifts. OVIflora Has a Huge Demand for Preserved and Dried Flowers in China - Article on Thursd (5)

OVIflora Is Based in Shenzhen

We have warehouses in Shenzhen and Shandong. We run a flagship store in the #1 mall for deco and design in China: YiZhan in Shenzhen. The store functions as a model for the flower shops that we supply and receives a lot of designers for the many projects in Asia. We are very present on all social media with instructive videos and photos of our floral realizations. Several of our products are sold via e-commerce. OVIflora Has a Huge Demand for Preserved and Dried Flowers in China - Article on Thursd (13) Our managers are passionate about horticulture and design, but also about business. We love to think together with our clients and believe in win-win growth in the long term.

Let's Cooperate

In order to focus on the Chinese market, in 2020 OVIflora opened a brand physical store in Shenzhen, China. At present, there are more than 500 kinds of dried and preserved flowers in the Chinese market. For the national customers engaged in floral art, this is a one-stop supply of global dried flowers, and preserved eternal flowers!



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