Dutch Flower House has successfully penetrated the U.S. market with its innovative and sustainable dried flower concepts.
Dutch Flower House Conquers the U.S. Market With Sustainable Dried Flower Concepts A dried flower wholesaler that serves a diverse clientele, including global hotels and retailers across Europe and America.
Maurits Keppel's Visually Enthralling Poppy Flowers
Maurits Keppel’s Scoops - The Visually Enchanting Poppy Unique flowers that are imbued with a richness of symbolism, meaning and significance.
Apr 24 | 4 min read
Olga Pinku artist
A Dose of Floral Art With Olga Prinku Olga Prinku weaves dried flowers into stunning floral compositions on tulle.
Feb 07 | 4 min read
Why You Should Avoid Artificial Flowers
Seven Reasons Why You Should Shun Artificial Flowers Though high-quality artificial flowers look almost like real flowers, in many ways, they fall short of the real thing.
Jan 03 | 10 min read
Elodie co founder of Flowrette
Florist Special With Élodie From Flowrette Committed to only work on dried and preserved flowers which by definition do not fade and represent the slow consumption.
Floral Collages
Anastasia Kovaleva Creates Exquisite Floral Collages from Pressed Flowers Anastasia Kovaleva: Master of Pressed Flower Artistry. Creating stunning floral collages that capture nature's beauty in delicate, timeless creations.
Banksias are so fluffy wide feature on Thursd
Banksias Are So Fluffy! Enjoy this wooly Instagram parade of 'furry' nice flowers from banksia lovers!
Nov 17 | 2 min read
Rebecca Louise Law dried flower art featured on Thursd
Passageway Installations Made With Dried Flowers by Rebecca Louise Law Giving Everyone the Wow Vibes The talented British artist is widely inspired by local flowers, local culture, and people, resulting in lovely works of art.
Floral Design Inspired by Nature, Emotions and Memories by Orit Hertz With her Daughter Featured on Thursd
I'm a Floral Artist That Loves Building Concepts With Dry and Fresh Materials Based on Nature, Memories, and Emotions I love taking walks in the fields and I especially like to bring ideas into my design to let my flowers speak.
Oct 27 | 2 min read
Dried flowers in Atix Home featured Thursd
Atix Home by Natalia Landaluce Will Take You to Dried Flower Heaven Some of the most amusing dried floral arrangements and installments we've ever seen are created by a Quito-based floral designer.

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