The Pristine Elegance of Phalaenopsis White World

This versatile orchid shines both as an eyecatching plant and as a stunning wedding flower.

By: THURSD. | 04-02-2024 | 4 min read
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In the ever-evolving world of orchids, one variety has managed to shine like a beacon of pure beauty and elegance: the Phalaenopsis White World. This extraordinary orchid has made a name for itself as a captivating plant and the ultimate finishing touch in bridal arrangements. What makes the Phalaenopsis White World so special? Let's take a closer look at this remarkable orchid and its origins.

15 Years of Phalaenopsis White World

Breeders and growers don't rush when it comes to introducing a new orchid into the world. So, don't think bringing a phalaenopsis novelty to the market is a piece of cake that you bake overnight. It takes many years of meticulous breeding, crossing, testing, and then discarding most of the newly developed varieties. All efforts are aimed at creating that one top-notch phalaenopsis that the floricultural world will embrace.

After a preliminary testing phase of nearly 8 years, it was time for Phalaenopsis White World to grace the market. The introduction by Sion Young Plants and grower Piet Vijverberg was in 2008, so over 15 years ago. And White World is still going strong both as a highly valued pot plant and cut flower.


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Phalaenopsis White World flower detail
Phalaenopsis White World


Insights From Sion Young Plants

Sion Young Plants has a clear mission statement: to continuously renew the phalaenopsis. Every day its professional team of breeders creates new, distinctive varieties with lots of love and passion. They also present varieties from other leading breeders to build a unique and complete range for every grower in every market segment. Thanks to the strong base of its Hark laboratories and production locations around the world - of their own and with their partners - they are able to supply cuttings and young plants to growers all over the world.

Two breeders at Sion Young Plants, Barbara Turcati and Femke Gouweleeuw, provide insights into this enchanting journey.

Barbara is a manager at the Breeding department at Sion Young Plants, where her primary responsibilities include developing new varieties through crossbreeding and overseeing the entire process from seedling to blooming plants.

Barbara shares her passion:

"What I adore most about the phalaenopsis is its flower shape, the myriad of colors it comes in, and its remarkable longevity. This applies to the White World as well. Sion acquired the rights to Phalaenopsis White World due to its outstanding characteristics. It's an orchid with exceptionally large, pure white flowers, a robust plant that withstands transportation well, and boasts an impressive life span of over 100 days."

Femke, originally a tissue culture specialist, has predominantly worked in phalaenopsis breeding throughout her career. As the R&D Manager, she elevates breeding to a higher level through extensive research.

Femke elaborates:

"As the R&D Manager, my goal is to advance breeding through in-depth research on genetics and crossbreeding barriers. The phalaenopsis presents endless variations - shapes, colors, speckles, scents, you name it. Given the fierce competition, it's truly exceptional that Phalaenopsis White World has remained a top choice for fifteen years."


Femke and Barbara from Sion Young Plants
Femke Gouweleeuw and Barbara Turcati from Sion Young Plants


Phalaenopsis White World belongs to Sion, who recognized its immense potential at just the right time.

So, what makes Phalaenopsis White World so popular?

Barbara explains:

"It holds tremendous decorative value both as a potted plant and a cut flower. You can easily trim the long, hanging stems and use them in bridal bouquets, for instance."


Phalaenopsis White World and Caribbean Dream


Star Quality From Piet Vijverberg

Nursery Piet Vijverberg is renowned for its innovative spirit, with its greenhouses now producing five million plants annually, one-third of which are phalaenopsis. To ensure and maintain high-quality standards, they continuously seek innovations in the production process. This includes a water-saving WPS system, individual plant selection via cameras, temperature-controlled storage, LED lighting, and, notably, well-trained and engaged employees.

Within the premium quality Star Quality By5 Phalaenopsis range, grower Piet Vijverberg is proud to grow the pure white Phalaenopsis White World.

Alex Duindam, the company's Commercial Director, wears multiple hats, including marketing. In this role, he highlights:

"The White World is often considered the gem among phalaenopsis, thanks to its stunning pure white flowers with the distinctive yellow center/lip. It's a perfect fit for florists and their high-end clientele. Wedding planners and event managers frequently request this variety for its extended blooming period and resilience. While our standard bloom guarantee is three months, this cultivar often blooms twice as long. It's no wonder it's our pride and joy."


Phalaenopsis White World plant trays


Such is the allure of Phalaenopsis White World that it even has its own dedicated website,, as it graces exclusive weddings with its elegance.

And it's not just in the Netherlands; Phalaenopsis White World finds its way to enthusiasts abroad. The French have a particular fondness for this product, but it also captures the hearts of Italians, Spaniards, and sometimes clients in distant lands like Dubai and Qatar, all appreciating the premium quality it represents.


Phalaenopsis White World wedding bouquet


So, as the Phalaenopsis White World continues to cast its enchanting spell across the globe after 15 successful years, it remains a true testament to the artistry of orchid breeding and the dedication of those who have nurtured its remarkable beauty. Ready for the next 15 years, or more...



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