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Piet Vijverberg

Nursery Piet Vijverberg is known for its innovative character. The greenhouses are now equipped for the production of 5 million plants per year. A third of them are phalaenopsis, the rest are dracaena.

Continuous Innovations

To achieve and maintain high quality, this grower continuously looks for innovations that benefit the production process. Think of the WPS system, camera selection of each individual plant, heat/cold storage, LED lighting, and not to forget: well-trained and committed employees with Team Piet Vijverberg.

Attention to the Environment

This grower also pays attention to its impact on the environment, ensuring that rainwater is collected with which they then water the plants. The nursery uses biological control methods where possible, and recyclable plastic packaging. But they also offer pulp trays and paper wraps as a choice for less plastic.

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Piet Vijverberg Piet Vijverberg, Alkemadelaan 3, 2681 LX, Monster, Netherlands

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