Unearthing Polly in Wonderland's Artistic Genesis Through Technology

Yet another digital artist who defies reality with her surreal world.

By: THURSD. | 14-02-2024 | 3 min read
Floral Art
Floral AI by Polly in Wonderland

Polina, also known as 'Polly in Wonderland', is an artist who has been fascinated by the creative process since she was a child. Her diverse interests and fertile imagination spanned multiple art forms, including poetry, prose, theater, singing, and drawing. Polly's different interests eventually led her to explore AI-assisted imagery. The ability of artificial intelligence to create the non-existent or subtly alter reality piqued her attention.

Polly in Wonderland: From Poetry to AI Art - An Appealing Odyssey

Polly's artistic journey was driven by an unquenchable passion rather than professional aspirations. This impetus stemmed from her desire for self-expression and the ability to enjoy her creative endeavors without having to commercialize them. Among her many forms of expression, AI-assisted imagery and poetry emerged as her preferred modes of art.


Flower series by Polly in Wonderland
Flower series with 'floral eyebrows' by Polly in Wonderland


Her artistic journey is far from constrained by a single stylistic identity. Initially captivated by retrofuturism, she considered starting a blog in this style. However, she quickly realized that she had a strong desire to break free from any fixed boundaries or predetermined parameters. What, then, are the defining characteristics of Polly's images? On the surface, they appear to be having a good time. However, closer examination reveals that they serve as a visual canvas on which she confronts profound existential questions. Despite their playful appearances, this artist subtly challenges viewers with themes centered on identity, existence, purpose and the human capacity for transcendence.


Doll with floral background AI by Polly
A doll with a floral background generated by artificial intelligence

In this way, she juxtaposes aesthetics with complex philosophical questions, shedding light on the multifaceted nature of her work and her own artistic journey. As a result, Polly's work defies easy categorization, reflecting her never-ending exploration and the breadth of her artistic vision. One thing is certain: she LOVES incorporating flowers in her work, and they have become a staple part of her AI artworks.


The secret of existence by Polly in Wonderland


Polly's Artistic Inspiration

Rather than drawing inspiration from specific individuals in the art world, Polly's creative ethos is profoundly influenced by the simple existence of life and flowers. This artist sees life, in all of its multifaceted splendor and complexity, as her ultimate muse. It presents itself as a source of inspiration, intimidation, and provocation, all of which serve for her floral creations through artificial intelligence.


Floral lashes eyework by AI Polly in Wonderland

While Polly is intrigued by the perspectives of her fellow artists, none of them have played a significant role in shaping her unique artistic trajectory. These perspectives, while worthy of consideration, have not become cornerstones in her unique creative journey.

The Artists' Vision of Technology and Creativity

In terms of Polly's platform selection, Instagram seems to fit the unique nature of her work. The decision did not require much thought, as it was an obvious choice given the platform's visual emphasis.


Ai creation by Polly in Wonderland

Polly's creative horizons are brimming with exciting new project ideas. Her upcoming endeavors include the publication of a poetic anthology. With the proliferation and increased accessibility of artificial intelligence technology, she is considering an innovative project: creating a children's story enhanced with AI-generated illustrations. Polly's creative vision is broad and dynamic, as evidenced by this innovative combination of technology and artistry.


Pink hair girl with plant background created in AI


Want to see more of her floral AI work? Catch her most recent floral artistic pieces on Polly's Instagram account.


Photos by @polly_in_wonderland.


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