AI's Green Insights: Envisioning Tomorrow's Gardening Trends
AI’s Predictive Insights Forecasting Future Gardening Trends How accurate are these predictions, and what could they mean for people and the concept of gardening?
Alina Gross AI work
The Beauty of Imperfection of Women and Flowers AI is a tool that allows artists' imagination run wild and create astonishing pieces. This is the case for photographer Alina Gross.
Feb 28 | 3 min read
Ai floral art by Polly
Unearthing Polly in Wonderland's Artistic Genesis Through Technology Yet another digital artist who defies reality with her surreal world.
Feb 14 | 3 min read
Nature heals by Hana Katoba
Hana Katoba's Visual Flower Poetry Using AI In the ever-evolving landscape of technological innovation, artificial intelligence (AI) has given rise to a new breed of artists, one of them being Hana Katoba.
Feb 07 | 4 min read
Flower Facade AI art by Hera Kim
Hera Kim's Artistic Blend of Nature and AI With Flower-Inspired Facades "The reason I pursue design in the realms of flowers, weddings, and AI is to bring happiness to people's lives."
Jan 10 | 4 min read
AI design by Emilio Alarcon
AI Mobile Greenhouse Buses by Emilio Alarcon Redefine Intercity Mobility These mobile green spaces can also function as mini-parks, offering a more pleasant and natural environment for passengers and pedestrians.
Jul 12 | 3 min read
Alina Gross
Alina Gross Creates Flower Fashion Through Artificial Intelligence This AI-powered masterpiece not only showcases Alina's artistic prowess but also highlights the endless possibilities when technology and nature intertwine.
Jun 07 | 3 min read
Manas Bhatia Midjourney wide feature on Thursd
Manas Bhatia Uses A.I. in his Biophilic Architectural Designs In his futuristic architectural designs, Manas puts together all the elements of greenery that define nature.
Mania Bhatia featured on Thursd
Manas Bhatia Imagines a Surreal Architectural Future in His Newest Project Inspired by the fascinating image of the Hyperion tree, Manas Bhatia imagines a future occupied by symbiotic architectural apartment towers that breathe and grow.
Sep 01 | 3 min read

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