Pot Chrysanthemums Are the Perfect Indoor and Outdoor Summer Flower

These gorgeous plants from Floritec let you dare to be a little different, and make your garden and indoor spaces feel extra special and colorful with potted chrysanthemums.

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Easy, pleasant, fragrant, and colorful. A 4-in-1 flower that'll make your summer days glow and even brighter in every way possible, because of their stunning availability of different gorgeous colors all year round. Pot chrysanthemums are ready to become your summer favorite because besides the fact they can grow indoors and outdoors, they come in many forms, they can be bicolored, single-flowered, or double-flowered. And the cherry on top: Floritec's pot chrysanthemums can have beautiful striking large flowers or cheerful small flowers. Either way, they're here to make you happy all year long. 

Pot Chrysanthemums by Floritec Are Here to Ease and Breeze Your Summer Days

A very easy, yet breezy summer bloomer for indoor and outdoor use in the palm of your hands! With Floritec potted chrysanthemums, you'll be able to add cheerfulness, and fresh colors to any ambiance, and they're the perfect summer setter for any type of decor. As if it couldn't get any better, Floritec breeders have quite a large range of pot chrysanthemums to choose from to decorate your terraces, gardens, living room tables, or even your workspace. Trust us when we say their bold colors are mesmerizing and hypnotizing, plus they add the perfect touch of freshness and purify the air all over the inside of your home.

Pot Chrysanthemums Are Vividly Special and Colorful

The Floritec pot chrysanthemums have one thing in common: they will let you live an experience of a long, and colorful flowering experience, guaranteed. Their trendy bright colors featured in tones such as lemon, salmon, and bronze, are part of what makes pot chrysanthemums the perfect summer flower to have around. Fresh and bright—the ideal summer combo. But that's not all


Floritec Pot Chrysanthemum Dynamic on Thursd
Chrysanthemum Dynamic


For all the people who love darker flowers, pot chrysanthemums also come in a dark purple shade that will definitely add intensity to any place added. Versatility is at the top of the mind of pot chrysanthemums, and the best part of all? They are very easy to care for, with regular watering properties that'll make your summer gardening a lot quicker and more convenient. Pot chrysanthemums are known to flower profusely and for a long time in a spot where they are prone to receive natural light.

Dating Back to Pot Chrysanthemum's History

Did you know the potted chrysanthemum dates back to ancient times and is a flower that has its origins in China? In older times, the pot chrysanthemum was cultivated as a herb in China as early as the 15th century BC by nobles because they saw special powers in it. With a strong symbolism behind it, the pot chrysanthemum was officially declared by the emperor of Japan as a national symbol and since then has been a very meaningful type of bloom for the Asian region. 


Chrysanthemum Dynamic Salmon


Explore Floritec's Pot Chrysanthemum Series

The Da Vinci Series

Did anyone say double-flowered, plus beautifully compact? This is exactly what the Da Vinci series has to offer. This pot chrysanthemum guarantees a beyond excellent quality to have as an indoor or outdoor flower. Due to the success and incredible properties of pot chrysanthemums included in the Da Vinci series, Floritec breeder has now developed a nice extensive series available in all the main colors!


Floritec Pot Chrysanthemum Da Vinci Series on Thursd
Chrysanthemum Da Vinci series


Carnival Mix Pot Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are often sold by color, but also in mixed trays. In addition, they are often offered as a carnival mix which includes a very nice and colorful assortment of three colors in the same pot. The following varieties are particularly suitable for mixing as a Carnival mix:


Pot Chrysanthemum Da Vinci Carnival Mix on Thursd
Chrysanthemum Da Vinci Carnival Mix


The Heat Series

The blooms featured in the Heat series have a particularly fast-colored tone. These flowers have a pleasant button presentation and given their versatility, they fit well in a color mix including Blond and Gizmo varieties. Given the success of the pot chrysanthemum heat, Floritec has developed new, stunning additional colors in the series such as Heat Orange, Heat Yellow, Heat Dark Orange, and Heat Dark.


Chrysanthemum Heat Dark on Thursd
Chrysanthemum Heat Dark
Potted Chrysanthemum Heat Dark on Thursd
Chrysanthemum Heat Dark


Chrysanthemum Cozy

Cozy is a beautiful series featuring sturdy double-flowered pot chrysanthemums that are also very easy to grow and care for. One of their benefits lies in their durability which has been rated as an excellently thriving flower all year round. Pot chrysanthemum Cozy fits particularly well in a mix of Spirit and Sugar Daddy varieties. 


Pot Chrysanthemum Cozy on Thursd
Chrysanthemum Cozy


Chrysanthemum Spirit

Sprit is a beautiful full double-flowered pot chrysanthemum with a good shelf life, meaning if you want flowers to keep you longer company, this is your choice. Pot chrysanthemum Spirit is a quick-growing plant that fits particularly well in a mix with Cozy and Sugar Daddy varieties. 


Pot Chrysanthemum Spirit on Thursd
Chrysanthemum Spirit


The Rossi Series

Pot chrysanthemum Rossi is a very well-known and popular Santini cut flower found in Floritec. This beautiful bloom is available in a wide range of colors all with excellent performance that'll get you feeling every season vibe you're looking for. This series is also available as pot chrysanthemums, having an excellent shelf life and transportability.


Pot Chrysanthemum Rossi series on Thursd
Chrysanthemum Rossi series


Rossi pot chrysanthemum also works great as a carnival mix featuring gorgeous, yet strikingly colorful flowers.

About Floritec Breeder

Floritec is a Dutch company specializing in breeding and distribution of varieties of cut flower chrysanthemums and pot plants. Breeder Floritec is now the market leader in pot chrysanthemums offering a great diversity of varieties. There are plants that bloom beautifully as a soloist, or plants that are excellent for being offered in a mix with three colors in a pot. The breeders from Floritec pay attention to the good performance of the varieties, given that every single variety must be reliable, have a beautiful inflorescence, and have good color.


Your pot chrysanthemum summer adventure begins here!


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