3 Ways to Elevate Your Christmas Table Decor With Pot Mums

Nothing more emblematic for the holidays than a striking-looking table with your favorite pot plants present.

By: THURSD. | 29-11-2023 | 4 min read
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Holiday tablescaping is one of the most fun and creative activities to embellish and enhance your Christmas table decoration. It's time to step up your table decor skills and abilities by incorporating the perfect X-mas pot mums. Their simplicity along with colorful petals and color options make them an ideal choice to enlighten any table!

Three Ways to Incorporate Pot Chrysanthemums in Your Christmas Tablescaping

As the holidays approach, it's time to turn your home into a winter wonderland, beginning with your Christmas table. Tables are one of the most important spaces when your guests arrive because it's where you share food, memories, laughs and most importantly, tables were made to vividly place things that are important to you while uplifting and boosting their beauty with the addition of flowers and plants as well.


Red mums by Royal Van Zanten
The perfect Christmas pot with Chrysanthemum Cardinal Time in red


For Christmas, Royal Van Zanten made sure to have the ideal addition to your festive decor for the plant and interior enthusiasts out there: pot chrysanthemums. Why have pot mums for X-Mas you may be asking yourself... It's simple. These versatile and vibrant blooms can easily elevate your table settings while adding a natural touch to your celebrations. Here are three different tablescaping ideas for different styles that'll instantly transform and add charm to your Christmas tables.

1. A Minimalist Bliss Tablescape With a Touch of Scandinavian Christmas

When you incorporate pot chrysanthemums into a serene and tranquil Christmas setting, you'll rapidly be embracing the minimalist charm of Scandinavian design. For a stylish and aesthetic-looking tablescape, make sure to stick to a color scheme of whites, light fresh greens, and natural tones.

Firstly start by arranging your pot chrysanthemums of choice in simple but stylish pots in the center of your table. The result of this setting's simplicity, combined with the beauty of various types of pot chrysanthemums, will express a sense of calm and sophistication. You can use varieties such as Chrysanthemum Alpine Time, Chrysanthemum Hermosa White, Sollinea® Luna White, Chrysanthemum Mount® Corbet, and Chrysanthemum Mount® Gerlach.


The perfect white tablescape with white mums
A very Christmas-looking tablescape showing Sollinea® Luna White and Chrysanthemum Alpine Time


2. Time for the Traditional - A Red and White Christmas Tablescape

The bells start ringing when Christmas time is near and in almost every part of the world, red, white, and green take over for the festivities. In this case, reds and whites make a stunning combination to create a great X-mas tablescape.

It is recommended to choose a red and white plant color scheme for a classic and timeless Christmas table. To match the festive theme, plant your mums in green, gold, or natural-toned pots to fit the overall colors and arrange them in groups or mix them in with traditional holiday elements like these wooden stars.


Red and white tones of pot mums for tablescape
Varieties that make part of this stunning Christmas decor for a table: Chrysanthemum Alpine Time, Chrysanthemum Mount® Gerlach, and Chrysanthemum Cardinal Time


You can add a soft gold tablecloth to pair this setting and create a very Christmas-looking tablescape. To tie it all together, you may also add a lush green garland to elevate the total look of your tablescape. This decoration with pot mums creates a visually stunning table by striking the perfect balance between traditional Christmas elements and the fresh, lively energy of pot chrysanthemums.


Pot mums by Royal Van Zanten


Recommended white chrysanthemum varieties include Alpine Time, Hermosa White, Sollinea® Luna, Mount® Corbet, and Mount® Gerlach. For red mums, you can choose between all these wonderful options: Chrysanthemum Mount® Burgundy, Chrysanthemum Elliot Time, Chrysanthemum Cardinal Time, and Chrysanthemum Mount® Kenya.

3. Opulent Extravaganza - A Luxury X-Mas Tablescape

For those who love to think out of the box and go out of the traditional colors for the Christmas holidays, there are also options for you to adorn your tables during the festivities. In this design, varieties such as Sollinea® Nomad Pink Blush, Sollinea® Loki Red, and Sollinea® Nomad Coral were used.

A table setting that exudes sophistication for those who prefer a more opulent and luxurious Christmas celebration could include gold, black, and rose gold accents, plush tablecloths, and crystal glassware. The best way to enhance the atmosphere to make it look more elegant is also by adding elegant ceramics holding pot chrysanthemums in vibrant colors.


Sollinea Pink Blush flowers in a pot
The variety used in this lovely tablescape: Sollinea® Nomad Pink Blush


To add a touch of glitz, you may opt to incorporate metallic elements such as rose gold plates and fancy silverware. For an extra touch of whimsy, scatter glittery Christmas trees across the table. The combination of luxurious textures and the striking presence of pot chrysanthemums will create an unforgettable dining experience that is also visually stunning.


Sollinea Loki Red mums
Sollinea® Loki Red


Pot chrysanthemums by Royal Van Zanten can be the perfect botanical addition to your festive celebrations, whether you're drawn to the simplicity of Scandinavian design, the timeless appeal of red and white, or the opulence of luxury dining.

As you create a Christmas table setting that will leave a lasting impression on your guests, make sure to include the beauty of plants and flowers which make them look refined while adding more volume, color, and texture to your table.

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