Premium Greens Australia - How They Harvest

"We recognize the need to protect the health of our Eastern Australian forests".

By: THURSD. | 01-10-2023 | 2 min read
Premium Greens Australia

Premium Greens Australia’s year-round foliage products are harvested in the beautiful eastern Australian forests.

Sustainable and Environmentally Sound

All are harvested in a sustainable and environmentally sound manner, under strict license. The laws governing the ways in which the greens are harvested were developed jointly by Premium Greens Australia, the government’s Environmental Protection Agency, and environmental non-governmental organizations.


Gary Mills in Australia forest
Gary Mills


Ferns From Australia

The amazing Umbrella Fern™, Sea Star Fern™, and Koala Fern grow in the native forests in Southern Queensland.



Each delicate frond is hand-picked to preserve the quality of the foliage. The ferns are immediately placed in Premium Greens' specially-developed eco-solution for all-important initial hydration.



Steel Grass

Great care is taken to preserve the nature and health of native Steel Grass trees (Xanthorrhoea species) as they live for many hundreds of years.



The inner circle of grass is not touched as this is the growing point. The outer circle is not touched as this eventually becomes compost for the tree and habitat for native animals and insects. The middle circle is the area of good length, perfect grass for floristry use. Steel Grass is harvested, placed in water, and shipped on refrigerated trucks to Premium Greens' temperature-controlled packing facility on the Sunshine Coast. Here it is carefully graded, bunched into biodegradable sleeves, and packed to meet the requirements of customers around the world


Steel Grass Australia
Bunching Steel Grass


Minimize the Footprint

Do you know that the state of Queensland alone is more than 2.5 times the size of France? Harvesters move through vast areas of the forest through the year, cutting only a little at a time from each area, to minimize footprint and ensure the plants can regenerate easily. Harvesters in each area monitor plant health; and note rainfall, track, and soil conditions.


 Premium Greens on Thursd Koala-in-tree


The people of Premium Greens use independent consultants to conduct environmental audits on the forests in which they harvest. Along with their own ecological research and monitoring, this helps to ensure the current and future health of flora and wildlife that depend on these forests. Premium Greens Australia’s products from the forest are organic, as there are no chemicals allowed – in fact, they’re not even allowed to water the plants. Truly all-natural products grown by Mother Nature.


Premium Greens on Thursd .  Umbrella-Fern-and-tree-stump
Umbrella Ferns in the wild


All are harvested in a sustainable and environmentally sound manner, under strict license. Premium Greens Australia recognizes the need to protect the environment for the health of the planet and the enjoyment of everyone for years to come.



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