Raj Mohan is behind the flamingo migration pictures in Pulicat lake. He is an engineer and a passionate travel photographer based out of Chennai and currently living in Bangalore, India. Aiming to show the extraordinary view of a mundane place to the people from his aerial perspective, for, the world we all live in is beautiful beyond imagination.
Raj Mohan photograph on Thursd
Raj Mohan
Initially, Raj Mohan was just doing phone photography as a hobby. He developed a liking for patterns and textures. However, they looked more interesting to him from above. That's when he gave thought to aerial photography. Basically, Raj is a travel photographer now and shares that seeing places from a bird's eye perspective gives you a different feeling altogether. All he wants is to show people a different view of a place that is already well-known to them.


Raj Mohan aerial photography of flamingos in India on Thursd


Travel has always been his preferred way of exploring India’s natural diversity, and you can find more of his work on Instagram.