Florist Special Featuring Signe Pierce

Exposing works with a singularly flashy, neon, and urban aesthetic, this skilled artist is the highlighted florist of the week.

By: THURSD. | 18-01-2023 | 3 min read
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Signe Pierce is a contemporary American artist. She has created work in the fields of performance, photography, video, and digital art. Pierce believes it is essential to tackle art valuation from all angles and take a 360-degree approach to generate value around it. Here's everything to know about her.

Signe Pierce Joins the Florist Special of the Week

Signe Pierce, a 'reality artist', uses her body, the camera, and her surroundings to create videos, performances, and images with a distinctively flamboyant, neon, Instagram aesthetic. She raises issues of gender, identity, sexuality, and reality in an increasingly digital society through her work.


Meet Signe Pierce reality artist
Photo: Annka Kultys Gallery


Performance, video, photography, writing, and digital installations are all part of Signe Pierce's practice. She agrees with and connects with the concept of being a reality artist, a word Pierce admits is ambiguous and paradoxical in nature, combining two very subjective and contentious concepts.


Signe Pierce artwork
Photo @signepierce


Straddling Reality and Illusion in Her Artwork

In the age of fake news, alternative facts, and Face Tune, the boundary between authenticity and artificiality in people's daily lives has never been more blurred. In the same way that people wonder if their favorite Instagrammer was paid to post, the art world frequently appears to be a sea of smoke and mirrors.


Signe Pierces work shows reality and illusion
Photo @signepierce


However, rather than hiding this idea or claiming true authenticity in her work, New York-based Pierce works in the in-between. Creating extremely saturated photographs of everyday life that earn her thousands of reblogs and double-taps online, she's found herself taking her photographic work offline for her solo show Faux Realities - and forcing her audience to question the truth behind them.

Signe Pierce Is an Artist That Is Hard to Put in a Box

Signe, a hyper-real multi-media artist, is impossible to categorize. Her work includes installation, performance, digital, and physical media. She is an absolute force—her own energy frequency that appears in lurid technicolor, pulsating for us to wake up.

Exploring Reality in Her Work

When Signe Pierce talks about reality, she is always struck by the paradox that reality differs for everyone. But, in the end, it is people's individual perceptions that combine to make a collective experience. So, part of what the artist investigates in her work is how subjective the concept of reality is, as well as the various paradoxes and paradigms that shape our view of what's real in increasingly virtual reality like it is seen in her artwork of 'Jangular Lilies'.


Neon art with lilies by Signe Pierce
Photo @signepierce


Describing the World That Her Art Inhabits

In both her art and her life, Signe Pierce is drawn to the hyperreal and the supernatural. She is fascinated by the entire spectrum of perception. The New York-based artist is constantly thinking about the electromagnetic spectrum and is obsessed with measurable facts based on science, physics, and concepts that allow people to quantify and comprehend life experiences.


Signe Pierce New York based artist art style
Photo: Annka Kultys Gallery

In her work, Pierce aims to bring together all of the very real, quantitative data about how humans emit energy and how interpersonal relationships all play out with and within one another. To top off this amazing artist's work, she loves to work on the sensory spectrum between the natural universe and man-made creations, and between the natural and the artificial. Most importantly, she puts consciousness in every one of her pieces, which is the heart of all her work.


Signe Pierce highlights the illusion in artistic work
Photo: Plastik Magazine


Signe Pierce's Instagram will show you the dazzling art pieces she creates as well as give you a neon and eccentric artistic experience.


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