Remarkable How Nature Reclaims and Takes Over the Marks That We Have Left on This Earth

Ever wondered what would happen if the human race would disappear and earth would be claiming back what belonged to it?

By: THURSD. | 09-11-2021 | 2 min read

When we come to think of it, we’re really acting as if we want to leave our mark on this planet as much as possible. And yet, the reality is, that this Earth is only temporary. Through time, we see Nature reclaiming and taking over the marks that we have left. And the truth? There’s not a lot that we can do about it. Nature takes it all back.

You Also Wonder About the Strength of Nature?

It seems that no matter how hard we humans try to create something, nature always finds a way to take it all back. And sometimes all that’s left is to take a step back and admire this unstoppable force at work. Even though seeing nature slowly creep over man-made structures can make you question how temporary everything surrounding us is, it’s a beautiful sight nevertheless. From traffic signs to entire cities – see how nature slowly reclaims what’s hers.

Check out these remarkable photos that feature the wreckage of battles lost with Nature. Nature initially willed everything. Putting proper air conditioning and heating aside, the mold would take over in many offices and homes. Even plants would now grow over the buildings. And, various species would eventually find themselves in competition for space.



Nature reclaims bicycle

Nature reclaims building

Nature reclaims truck

Nature reclaims beach

Nature Has No Time

As time progresses, what separates between a city and the countryside becomes blurry. Several windows would fall off from their old frames. Then, we see the wildlife of nature reclaiming and taking over the cities and towns around. Each farmland sees the shrubs and trees, approaching to cover it.



And yet, there will be those pieces that would face no degradation. They’re just scattered everywhere. Plastics break down, and they begin dispersing. Metals, on the other hand, would corrode. Meanwhile, those pans of stainless steel still sit there. Granite worktops find themselves stranded. Tons of car tires remain useless.


Remarkable How Nature Reclaims and Takes Over the Marks That We Have Left On This Earth - Article on Thursd (15)



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