Revitalize Your Home's Exterior: Stucco Remediation and Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Transform your home's exterior with stucco remediation and sustainable landscaping.

By: NISHANT METHA | 29-06-2024 | 5 min read
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Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Backyards and outdoor spaces aren’t just to spend a few moments in. Today, outdoor living is a trend that really helps you make the most of life, allowing you to maximize your space far beyond your home’s interior and have an entirely different living area right outside your front (or back) door. However, there are some challenges homeowners face in trying to make this dream of the perfect outdoor living space a reality. The first is dealing with issues that might make the home’s exterior unsightly, which can really detract from having a space that feels comfortable and beautiful to relax in. Another key aspect is trying to create landscapesand outdoor living areas that are sustainable and eco-friendly. See some simple tips that can help you solve both of these issues right here.


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Take Care of Stucco Issues With Modern Remediation Techniques

Sometimes, the first step of doing something can be the hardest. If you’ve ignored your unsightly stucco for a while, all it might take is picking up that phone or sending that message to talk to a stucco remediation contractor and get started on your journey to a more beautiful home.

One of the biggest setbacks for homeowners when it comes to stucco is that while minor repairs can be easy fixes, when there are foundational issues caused by faulty installation or other problems, it’s not a DIY project. However, you can maintain a high level of control over the finished result. Pros will work with you to not only correct and repair the issues completely but also reapply the stucco according to modern trends and techniques so you’ll get a gorgeous look you can feel good about. Once your stucco is looking its best, you’ll be able to focus on creating that eco-friendly landscaping that shows off your beautiful-looking stucco home.

You Can Breathe Easy With an Eco-Friendly Stucco Upgrade

When you’re creating a sustainable outdoor space and earth-friendly landscaping, you want everything to flow, and that can be a challenge if you’re home isn’t supported with eco-friendly materials. Fortunately, when you go the stucco remediation route, you can rest assured that you’re going with an option perfect for that sustainable design. That’s because stucco is one of the most eco-friendly home materials, made with a mixture of natural materials that includes sand, water, lime, and more.

Want more good news? Stucco also ranks high when it comes to insulating power, making it highly energy efficient. Plus, it’s durable and relatively low maintenance, which means it’s a favorite option among homeowners looking for that natural exterior design.


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Choose Stucco Finishes That Complement Your Sustainable Landscaping

When you’re designing your outdoor space and landscape, you might have a certain look and feel in mind. Do your design preferences lean towards elegant and airy? A smooth stucco finish might fit the bill. Going for more of a natural and dramatic look? Consider a roughcast stucco finish to complement the space. There are so many different stucco textures and techniques that you can really personalize the finished look to match your outdoor space, so don’t be afraid to try a unique design that ties it all together.

Add Native Plants and Mini Gardens for an Eco-Friendly Oasis

Another perfect complement to your backyard oasis and landscaping is to accent main outdoor living areas with native plants rather than commercial decor or fixtures. Create natural pathways lines with plants or flowers, highlight certain areas with raised plant or flower beds, or create small nooks with container gardens to delight the senses. The look and feel of the added greenery and lush plant life will add to the aesthetics while giving some love back to Mother Earth as well. From sunflowers to ferns, there are native plants that can add the perfect touch of beauty.

Incorporate Plants That Attract Birds, Butterflies, and Bees

Choosing native plants to accent your yard with that are beloved by local creatures like birds, butterflies, and bees can be beneficial to everyone. These critters are valuable to the earth and won’t cause harm to your landscape. They can add an aura of natural beauty to your space that you can enjoy again and again.


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Set Up Living Walls Instead of Fences

Rober Frost really did say it best when he wrote “good fences make good neighbors.” While having a sense of privacy and structure surrounding your property can help you create a space that looks and feels comfortable and relaxing, it doesn’t have to use fossil fuels. Consider different types of living walls, including shrubs, bushes, trees, and other plant life instead.

Invest in Compost Stations and Rain Barrels

Support the natural beauty of your landscape and yard with things like rain barrels and compost stations as well. These might be simple features, but they can go a long way in helping make the world a better place and really support your commitment to an eco-friendly yard.

Go Solar-Powered With Landscape Lighting and Other Accents

When you’re looking for ways to accent your landscape, it’s hard to beat lighting. This gives a gorgeous ambiance at the end of the day, as well as provides additional safety when enjoying the yard space. Instead of electric light, choose solar-powered options to accent the driveway, deck, flowers or small gardens, or anywhere else you want general or spot lighting to make a visual impact. If you want a special accent such as a fountain, look for solar-powered versions of those items as well, so you can have the decor you want and the sustainability you’re looking for.

Stucco and Eco-Friendly Landscaping Designs Go Hand-in-Hand

It’s not always easy to find a perfect match, but stucco and sustainable landscaping might just be it. When you choose stucco remediation and beautify your home with this natural material, you’re saving the environment as well as keeping your home at its best. Pair this with simple ways to create a gorgeous and eco-friendly landscape, and you’ll have a home and yard to love for decades to come.


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