AI's Green Insights: Envisioning Tomorrow's Gardening Trends
AI’s Predictive Insights Forecasting Future Gardening Trends How accurate are these predictions, and what could they mean for people and the concept of gardening?
Landscape Design
How to Choose Plants for the Landscape Design? Craft a stunning landscape with the right plant selection - design tips revealed.
Garden Makeovers
Effortless Garden Makeovers: 8 Solutions For Stunning Landscapes Revamp your garden effortlessly with these 8 solutions for stunning landscapes.
Vietnam's SkyGarden House, a Design Concept That Naturalizes Urban Dwellings
SkyGarden House, a Sustainability Concept That Naturalizes Urban Dwellings An urban dwelling that prioritizes sustainability and the integration of nature into its different spaces.
Singapore's Pan Pacific Orchard Overflows With Lush Vegetation and Nature
City Building in Singapore Has Terraces Overgrown With Lush Tropical Plants The 'Pan Pacific Orchard' is a nature-inspired property nestled amongst the malls and built-up areas of the famous Orchard Road.
Is the Role ​of Plants Important in Urban Development?
Nature and Urbanization Dilemma - Rethinking the Role of Plants in Urban Development The inherent importance of trees, plants, and greenery in urban development cannot be overstated.
Urban trees
12 Reasons Why Cities Need More Trees Many cities around the globe have recognized the value of integrating trees into their urban planning efforts. They are not just tourism magnets but also epicenters of sustainability and well-being.
Aug 30 | 5 min read

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