Take a Look at ‘The Portal’ Toilet by Jupe That Camouflages in the Woods Like a Sci-Fi Doorway

A full on different experience when going to the bathroom in the woods thanks to Jupe's newest toilet proposal.

By: THURSD. | 24-11-2022 | 3 min read
Remarkable Sustainability Architecture
The Portal bathroom header on Thursd

An interesting way to start your day is by learning more about the 'The Portal' by Jupe, a toilet that has been seen to camouflage in the woods. Rare? Of course. But if you're a sci-fi fan, you'll want to read more about it. 

The Portal - A Toilet That Camouflages in the Woods

Having to go to the bathroom on a plain hike or during your newest forest adventure can never be comfortable. But that is all before knowing about the creator behind 'The Portal', a camouflaged toilet that looks like a complete sci-fi adventure and doorway into the unknown. Without a doubt, Jupe has transformed the narrative by creating this fantastic piece of furniture in the woods. The Portal is a futuristic restroom in the heart of greenery that elevates bathroom gaming.


The Portal camouflaged toilet in woods on Thursd


Taking the Portal to Your Next Camping Adventure

Given that 'The Portal' may be carried to locations by its users, creative camping may have just discovered a new exciting partner. The team, which includes ex-designers from Tesla and SpaceX, has already shown off its futuristic cabin here, but it lacks a plush porta potty constructed of reflected mirrors.

What Does The Portal Look Like Inside?

Users of 'The Portal' by Jupe are welcomed into a box-shaped spaceship and shown its all-white interior. They feel as though they are in heaven as they sit or use the restroom (or another dimension, depending on how they see it).


Far away look of The Portal on Thursd


The Portal also has 200-watt solar panels, a battery, and an inverter, which together provide stadium-style lighting and an always-on fan to get rid of odors. The panels can be placed near The Portal or in a location where the sun shines directly on their surface, allowing them to absorb its solar energy.


The Portal by Jupe has solar panels on Thursd


Natural Light Shines Through the Hole in the Toilet

Jupe is aware of the difficulty of using porta potties in the wild that are closely spaced, so the crew widens the area within The Portal. No more banging knees on the door of the public restroom or rubbing skin against germ-ridden surfaces.


Natural light shines through The Portal by Jupe on Thursd

The area has been planned to have an interior volume that is at least three times larger than that of a typical portable toilet. In addition to the roomy design, the portal-to-heaven toilet features a lot of light. Not because people can actually see heaven, but rather because of the team's creation of a natural skylight in the roof.

Like an Optical Illusion Experience

The experience becomes an intense optical illusion thanks to the Sky Portal cutout in the ceiling, which transforms the sky into a canvas. From where you're sitting, it looks like a perfect circle, but it's actually an ellipse. Additionally, the hole lets in a ton of light from the outside and gives users a glimpse of the sky as they conduct business.


The Portal by Jupe gives an optical illusion view on Thursd


One of the primary justifications for the construction of The Portal by Jupe is that it is full of light, and the skylight grounds this assertion. In the restroom, discuss mindfulness practices and being leisurely.

Circular-Waste Transformation

The instant-on LED track lighting that runs along the ceiling appears to help 'The Portal' by Jupe identify users as soon as they enter. In order to promote those cozy aesthetics, it appears that the team also added some house plants inside The Portal in addition to the brilliant lighting that creates a warm sensation inside.


The Portal by Jupe on Thursd


Along with its composting partner, Jupe is incorporating circular waste transformation technology that may transform human waste into soil fertilizer. The Portals are currently sold out as of the story's publication, and the following manufacture won't start until early 2023.


Lateral view of The Portal by Jupe on Thursd


To know more about this interesting proposal, make sure to visit The Portal's website.



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