The Beauty of Gardens With Pole Barns

Combine gardens with pole barns for a unique, picturesque outdoor space.

By: THURSD | 06-05-2024 | 4 min read
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Beauty of Gardens

Horticulturists utilize a variety of tools and techniques to grow beautiful plants and flowers. Although many of the assets used can be found in nature, there are times when extreme weather conditions and other factors force plant enthusiasts to find shelter. This is where pole barns can be extremely useful.

Pole barns are an affordable and energy-efficient option that can be a vital aid in the agricultural industry. Because these barns are customizable, they can fit a variety of needs and help make the planting, growing, and harvesting process much more efficient.


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Benefits of Using a Pole Barn

Pole barns first became popular during the Great Depression. Back then, people used old telephone poles and other cheap materials to make an inexpensive yet durable structure. Unlike a traditional stick-built barn, the poles were placed directly into the ground and didn’t require a concrete foundation. Their simplicity and affordability made them one of the most popular options throughout the 20th century.

While the 21st century has brought us many technological advances, the simplistic pole barn is still a fan favorite because of its many benefits.

Quick Construction

If you want the structure to be finished in a short amount of time, pole barns are your best option. Pole barns usually use fewer materials than other types of buildings and don’t require as much time to build. Most pole barns come as a kit and everything is prefabricated. This means that the builders don’t have to cut or measure anything, which can save them a lot of time. Typically, a pole barn can be completely constructed in half the time that it would take builders to construct a different type of building that is the same size.


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Cost Effective

The cost to construct a pole barn can vary widely and is dependent on the size of the structure and the features that you want in your barn. However, on average, building a pole barn is much less expensive than having a traditional barn built.

Because pole barns use fewer materials and require fewer labor hours to construct, the savings are substantial. On average, it can cost anywhere between $30 and &75 per square foot. However, the average cost of a pole barn is between $11 and $40 per square foot.

Durable Design

Many people think that because pole barns don’t take a lot of time to build and are less expensive, they must be less durable than other buildings and barns. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. These structures are constructed using strong and sturdy poles that are placed directly into the ground, which creates additional stability. Roof trusses are also used to create additional stability. Metal roofs and siding can be added to the pole barn to increase the longevity of the structure even more.

Pole barns also offer plenty of storage options. This type of barn typically features large open spaces and high ceilings. Not only can you store potted plants and tools in them, but you can also store tractors and other large farm equipment. Because they can be extremely large, they are a popular option for a variety of industries.


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From Storage to Commercial Use: The Versatile Pole Barn

If you have multiple uses for an outdoor structure, a pole barn can fit all of your needs. A pole barn building is fully customizable and can include things like full kitchens, offices, living quarters, and more. You can design your pole barn to feature large open spaces and giant garage doors at one end to store your large equipment. At the other end, you can add drywall, carpet, and other amenities to create a large office area. When it comes to pole barns, the possibilities are endless.


Pole barns have been a popular choice for farmers and agricultural enthusiasts for over a century. Because these buildings offer durability and versatility for a fraction of the cost of other buildings, the popularity of pole barns is expected to continue to grow for many more years.

Whether you want to start your own floral business, or horticulture is just a hobby, a pole barn is a fast and inexpensive asset to have. These innovative and customizable buildings can be as large or as small as you need them to be, ensuring that they fit all of your needs and your budget.



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