The Eternal Beauty of the Everlasting Lulu Rose Is Born

A brand with eternal and completely natural roses from Naranjo Farms that are preserved in their natural state.

By: THURSD. | 14-08-2021 | 4 min read
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What's preservation, and what process do our eternal roses go through to become the world's most beautiful preserved roses? Let’s get a little historical… Flower preservation exists since early history, although deliberate flower preservation is a more recent phenomenon. In the Middle East, the bones of pre-historic man were discovered with delicate wildflowers probably as a tribute to a passing loved one. Brightly colored and vivid flowers were also found in Egyptian tombs. These flowers were approximated to be 4,000 years old. Flowers essentially are being used for decorative purposes such as jewels, fans, and gloves. And nowadays, as we´ve mentioned previously, preserved flowers, especially our Lulu Rose© roses are becoming one of the biggest Booms of the flower market!

Why the Eternal Beauty of Lulu Rose© Is Becoming So Wanted?

Starting with the most important point: Lulu Rose© preserved flowers and their durability is probably the most important characteristic. Out of the fact that they are completely NATURAL roses from Naranjo Farms that are preserved in their natural state. That's what makes these roses so special is their durability, rounding approximately to 1 entire year!


How Do Preserved Flowers Actually Get Preserved? And What Process Do They Go Through in Order to Get Such a Stunning, Elegant, and Perfect Result in the Rose as It Is?

Well, let us tell you that preserved flowers undergo a different type of procedure in comparison to fresh-cut roses. And this in order to be able to maintain the roses´ beauty for a long period of time. We first get rid of the roses´ color, and so our roses become white. After this, our roses get submerged in the desired color outcome you specifically want. And then we let them air dry for about 24-48 hours depending on the rose variety, and voilà! The eternal beauty of Lulu Rose© is born.


Certificates That Show Our Commitment to Environment

Flower preservation is a process that requires raw material in optimal conditions. To achieve this, Lulu Rose© makes sure to handle the fresh flower in an environmentally and humanly responsible way. Fulfilling this commitment we currently have 6 certifications that are detailed below

Rainforest Alliance

Its purpose is to protect forests, the terrain, the waterways, and the wildlife habitat. And aid to guarantee that agricultural workers have decent salaries, healthy working conditions, and have a good life.


This innovative plan, supported by floriculture standards and state hydrological standards has aided in an increased positive perception of our products.

Flor Ecuador

This certification assists in minimizing environmental impact and guarantees the well-being of floriculture workers. However, its distinctiveness is the ability to reduce pesticide, fertilizer, and combustible use in order to protect our environment.


Contributes to the health and well-being of people and the planet. We collaborate with nature to make sure our agriculture is more healthy, safe, and productive. We offer an integrated system of expert knowledge and naturally safe solutions which improve the health, resistance, and production of our farms.


Our organization is a member of BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce) whose goal is to promote healthy commercial business practices in compliance with international governments and entities. BASC helps us in protecting our products and the integrity of our clients' shipments.


The reduction of pesticides used in addition to the improvement of detailed registry maintenance helps us in the implementation of security requirements.


Staying Close to Nature With Lulu Rose©

Although our product is not edible, in no part of the process are chemicals used that affect a human being when handling the flower. Instead, we have an alcohol recycling system guaranteeing compliance with our certifications.

The colorants used in our flowers are of the food type, thus giving it the fabulous and versatile tones that you will find in our catalog.

Our next step is to carefully dry our flowers. So they can absorb the humidity and flexibility that our climatic conditions in Ecuador provide. And finally, it comes to our packaging area, where a team of great women delicately reviews every detail of the final product. This way, we ensure that our clients find the natural side from which the eternal beauty of Lulu Rose© is born when working with our product.


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