The Incredible Photographs of the World's Most Ancient Trees by Beth Moon

The fusion between black and white photography and ancient trees is definitely something your eyes cannot miss.

By: THURSD. | 11-05-2022 | 2 min read
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Interested both in nature and photography? You'll get the best of both worlds in today's article. Talented photographer Beth Moon has dedicated the past 14 years to photographing the world's most ancient trees and here's what they look like. 

Beth Moon - The Artist Behind the Pictures of the World’s Most Ancient Trees

Coming from San Francisco city, Beth Moon, is an artist who has gained popularity in the photography world because of her impeccable taste in photographing the world's most ancient trees. 


Photographing the world's most ancient trees- Article on Thursd


Beth's trajectory in searching for the oldest trees in the latest 14 years has been challenging, but extremely rewarding as she is surely a nature lover and loves to share her passion with the world. She has traveled all around the globe to capture the most magnificent trees that grow in remote locations and look as old as the world itself.


Quote Beth Moon- Article on Thursd


Fact: All of Beth's photos are duotone, meaning they're always taken in black and white hues. 


Beth Moon's Ancient Tree Photography's- Article on Thursd


Beth's Ancient Tree Photographs

Besides being a unique and talented photographer, sixty of Beth Moon’s photos were published in a book titled “Ancient Trees: Portraits Of Time”. Want to see a sneak peek of some of the strangest and most magnificent trees ever? Take a look below! 


This Is What 14 Years of Photographing the Planet’s Oldest Trees Looks Like- Article On Thursd
The Worlds Most Ancient Trees Photographed by Beth Moon- Article on Thursd


Some trees exposed in her photos span an existence of hundreds, if not thousands of years. Her mission over the last decade has been to firmly document the oldest, biggest, rarest, and most majestic trees of the bunch.

World Traveller at Heart

What has made her trajectory even more special has been the opportunity to travel to places she could have never imagined. From crossing desolated paths, private estate properties, protected lands, and mountain tracks, she encountered nature's giants and photographed them in striking portraits.

The results? Speaking to their age, yet showing the delicate duality of their existence.

As Beth would describe them:

"Powerful but also vulnerable to the environment and human intervention."  


Photography's of The World's Most Ancient Trees- Article on Thursd


Beth Moon's Unique Black and White Photography- Article on Thursd


Beth's Inspiration to Track Down The World's Oldest Trees

For Beth, photographing trees was the beginning of spending more time outdoors, which she really enjoyed. After photographing one of England’s largest oaks, Beth mentions that a storm had caused a lot of damage to the tree, causing a major limb to crash into the hollow center. After visiting the third-largest baobab in South Africa, she received an email with pictures showing the total collapse of the tree just a few months later.


Images of the world's most ancient trees- Article on Thursd


Because caring about nature has always been her primary source of inspiration, Beth could not ignore the incidences seen in these trees and it was at this point her incredible career started. She is passionate about showing the world what gives us life and oxygen and will continue to do so in the time coming. 

To know more about Beth's work click here!



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