The Indoor Hydrangea Promotion Campaign Has Started

Focus for HydrangeaWorld is on consumers and specialist trade in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

By: THURSD. | 13-01-2022 | 2 min read
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The collective promotional campaign 'HydrangeaWorld' will also start at the same time as the indoor hydrangea sales season starts. The focus is on stimulating consumers to buy indoor hydrangea. Sales support material is available for the (trade) trade to promote hydrangea themselves. As in previous years, the focus is on the Netherlands and Germany. New in 2022 is that growth market Poland has been added to this.

Various Hydrangea Themes

The collective promotion campaign 'Hydrangeaworld' works with various themes. This year the emphasis is on the many possibilities in different living areas, but also the function of hydration and the hydrangea as a gift receive a lot of attention. The themes are used to stimulate consumers to make a purchase and offer the trade and other trades tools for their own promotion.





For Every Place in the House

In the coming weeks, various Dutch, German, and Polish consumer media, both online and offline, will show how you can live healthy and colorful with the indoor hydrangea.

Wherever you place it in the house, the indoor hydrangea provides a good portion of color everywhere. Of course in the living room, but also in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and workplace. New and inviting visual material has been developed for various places in the house. The images respond to relevant housing trends. For example, hydrangeas in calm colors are combined with green houseplants to create real home wellness.

With a mix of bright and sweet colors of hydrangeas and pots, we respond to the need for positivism. The images are also available free of charge for the (trade) trade.


The Indoor Hydrangea Promotion Campaign Has Started



With hydrangea, you improve the relative humidity in the house because the plant hydrates. The botanical name 'hydrangea' already refers to it. Research shows that there is no other houseplant that makes such a positive contribution to the humidity in the house as the hydrangea. With a healthy indoor climate, you have fewer complaints such as headaches and dry eyes.

Surprise with Hydrangea!

With its rich sea of ​​flowers, the hydrangea is a popular gift. Good occasions include a birthday, housewarming, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day. But the hydrangea is also very suitable for the birth of a baby! With pink, blue, or gender-neutral white you can give every new mother a colorful maternity period.





Join the Campaign

For more information, inspiration, and digital promotional material, visit More inspiration can be found on Facebook (Hydrangeaworld) or Instagram (@Hydrangea_world). Images and promotional material for personal use can also be requested via [email protected]. The collective promotion campaign 'HydrangeaWorld' is an initiative of all hydrangea suppliers of Royal FloraHolland and several European hydrangea breeders and propagators. The campaign is carried out by the marketing agency Concept Factory. During the season, promotion is done for both indoor and garden hydrangeas. On HydrangeaWorld's own channels (website and social media) there is also a collaboration with the producers of cut hydrangea.



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