The Most Symbolic Flowers for a Baby Shower

Celebrate the next baby shower with the most beautiful, and symbolic flowers!

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Most symbolic flowers for a baby shower


The creation of a new life has to be celebrated the right way, and what better way than finding the perfect blooms to decorate your upcoming baby shower? But hold on, not only any decor... Your baby shower decor must shine its way through and leave your guests in awe. You'll achieve this by finding the right flowers for your baby shower event. Sometimes a specific flower can trigger a memory, special event, or have personal meaning, but flowers are also used at baby showers because of what they symbolize.”

For all the mommies out there looking forward to organizing your baby shower, make sure to take these four types of gorgeous blooms into account for the celebration. 


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Four Symbolic Flowers for a Baby Shower

Before getting into experts' opinions as to what the four most symbolic flowers for a baby shower are, it's important to understand why baby showers are such important celebrations for future mothers and their loved ones. 


Baby Shower Flowers Prepping - on Thursd
Flower heaven!! Lots of baby shower prep happening. Picture by @rachparcell


Baby showers are all about celebrating new beginnings, especially new life. Floral designers and event planners agree that there are a few things that make a space feel more festive and beautiful than the presence of flowers. Soft and delicate petals are the main character when it comes to choosing the right blooms to celebrate a family's new stage in life. 

Here are four of the most symbolic flowers for a baby shower. Take note! 

1. White Roses

Any guesses as to why white roses are categorized as one of the most symbolic blooms for a baby shower? Besides their stunning and angelical looks, white roses are often the flower of choice at baby showers because they symbolize purity, innocence, and youthfulness. You can read more about the meaning of white roses here: "The Meaning of White Roses."


White roses one of the most symbolic flowers for a baby shower- on Thursd
Photo by @joannawaltonflowersmallorca


New Beginnings

White is often a color associated with new life and new beginnings as well, so placing white roses in your baby shower celebration is definitely a must if you want to share these wonderful feelings with everyone around. 


White roses symbolism for a baby shower- on Thursd
Photo by @funkymountainflowers


New beginnings

As said by many floral designers, it is best if white roses are combined and arranged with pastel-toned, colorful flowers to create more harmony and an impactful display overall. Like arranging them with colorful flowers to create an eye-catching display. Besides purity, white roses also represent youthfulness, innocence, young love, and loyalty. Because of this, white roses are often viewed as a way to symbolize new beginnings and have come to represent love like red roses do.


Best baby shower flowers - on Thursd
Picture by Bloomnation


2. Hydrangeas

Who doesn't love the delicacy of hydrangeas? They are available in almost every color, but for a stunning baby shower celebration pastel colors usually look the best! Depending on the baby's sex, hues of soft and pale pinks can be used, or shades of baby blues along with lavender tones. Hydrangeas symbolize gratitude, grace, and beauty, exactly what baby showers look to portray.


Hydreangeas are symbolic flowers for baby showers- on Thursd
Photo by @cafede_fleur


Pure Abundance with Hydrangea

Not only do they symbolize the above, but also radiate pure abundance because of their amount of delicate petals and perfectly round shape. Hydrangeas would also look great with a combination of white or garden roses as well. They are definitely one of the most symbolic flowers for a baby shower! 


Hydrangeas for baby showers- on Thursd
Photo by @market_floral_studio


3. Peonies

Symbolizing honor, prosperity, and compassion, peonies are rapidly gaining popularity and are definitely one of the most symbolic flowers for a baby shower. Their pillowy, large petals make it the perfect type of flower to combine with green foliage. The best combo for a stunning baby shower floral arrangement!  



White peonies are one of the most symbolic flowers for baby showers- on Thursd
Photo by @velvetandtwine


In Every Color, Except Blue

You’ve probably smelled peonies before, and their stunning flowers are hard to miss. Individual peony flowers can reach up to 10 inches wide, depending on the variety, and they come in every color except blue. So for a boy's baby shower, you can mix white ones with some blue flowers. 


Peonies are one of the most symbolic flowers for baby showers- on Thursd
Photo by @peony_addict


4. Carnations

Another great option preferred by floral designers and baby shower planners is carnations. Their divine look, mixed with a gorgeous range of colorful tonalities makes it one of the most symbolic flowers for a baby shower.


Pink carnations as flowers for baby showers- on Thursd
Photo by @naturatfc


Fascination, Distinction, and Most Importantly, Love

Carnations have delightful petals that are reminiscent of a perfect baby shower celebration. Their meaning? Fascination, distinction, and most importantly, love. During baby showers, the love for a new life is celebrated, and carnations will always be a great addition to your baby shower decor. 


Baby blue carnations perfect flowers for baby showers- on Thursd
Photo by: Phoenix Silk Flower


Blue Carnations

Carnations in blue for a baby boy must be painted or in silk, as blue carnations are flowers that don’t grow naturally anywhere in the world. You can create adorable shower centerpieces that are filled with carnations, daisies, baby’s breath, hydrangeas, and roses. And perhaps decorated with bows and little bears or rattles.


Blue Baby Shower Flowers - on Thursd.
Blue Baby Shower flowers. Picture by Road Runner Florist




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