The Next Great Hydrangea Varieties of 2021

Hydrangeaworld proudly presents the 2021 newcomers within the cut hydrangea range!

By: THURSD. | 17-06-2021 | 2 min read
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The cut hydrangea season has started. And like every year hydrangea lovers are eagerly looking forward to getting our hands on these stunning flowers that never cease to amaze. What will be the next great varieties of this year? Well, the wait is over, because here they are: Hydrangeaworld proudly presents the newcomers for 2021!

An Increasingly Varied Range

Every year new hydrangeas are added that differ in color, shape, and/or shelf life. The range of cut hydrangeas is becoming increasingly varied. This year's newcomers include a few beautiful bi-colored varieties, beautiful 'color-changing varieties', and a special double-flowered one.

The Next Great Hydrangea Varieties of 2021 - hydrangea world - booth on TOTF2021 SE - cut hydrangea varieties in vases - on thursd Image courtesy: Funny How Flowers Do That

Discover These 2021 Hydrangea Newcomers - quote

Hydrangea Dali

Dali is a striking blue and white cut hydrangea that is reminiscent of the famous Delft Blue pottery. Although this variety has been on the market in small numbers for some time, the supply is a lot bigger this season, making it available to a much larger group of florists.

Hydrangea Magical Charlotte

A new topper has been added to the Magical series: Magical Charlotte. This special cut hydrangea has deep red flowers with green edges. These color through to deep green. The color combination keeps you looking at the flower. There is always something new to discover. Magical Charlotte is immediately available at the start of the season and obtainable until late summer.

Hydrangea My Beautiful Rio

My Beautiful Rio is a double-colored flower that is distinguished by a bright contrast between the red color that is edged with bright white. Blue, this variety is sometimes even more spectacular. Because Rio is a so-called re-bloomer, it is available until November.

The Next Great Hydrangea Varieties of 2021 - hydrangea world - booth on TOTF2021 SE - hydrangea mixed bouquet - on thursd

Hydrangea Royal Anastasia

Royal Anastasia is a double-flowered cut hydrangea and therefore has a different look than most other cut hydrangeas. From May this variety is available in a bright pink color and later in the season - until November - also as a classic variety. The Royal Anastasia is generally known for its good vase life. Could the name 'Royal' come from that?

Hydrangea My Beautiful Vienna

My Beautiful Vienna is a hydrangea that has many stages in terms of colors. With the fresh cut hydrangea, Vienna is soft pink and the later it is harvested, the more its heart color turns to a darker pink. The classic version is a bit darker green with a bright red edge and at the end of the season, its color is completely red. In addition to a pink variant, there is also a blue one. My Beautiful Vienna is available from June to November.

Wide Choice of Varieties

The cut hydrangea season has really kicked off. So, besides these 2021 novelties, there is a wide choice of varieties! More info For an impression of the possibilities, visit And also check their extensive Facebook and Instagram posts. Thursd socials website internet Thursd socials facebook Thursd socials instagram Thursd socials pinterest



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