Scabiosa, No Longer the Forgotten Flower

Danziger and Marginpar make this 'pincushion' flower experience a true revival.

By: THURSD. | 10-08-2022 | 2 min read
Scabiosa No Longer the Forgotten Flower header on Thursd

Scabiosa is back in business! For a long time, this beautiful flower had almost been forgotten, only to be remembered by grandmothers and grandfathers with a green thumb. That has changed due to the hard labor by breeder Danziger and growers at Marginpar as well as the renewed attention by floral designers everywhere.

Scabiosa's Revival

 The Scabiosa, also known as the 'pincushion flower’, experiences a true revival. And why this medium-sized flower with its delicate stem was 'away' from the mutual memory for so long? No one knows  The good news is: breeder Danziger, has brought this forgotten flower back to life.


Scabiosa Sweet Cherry Scoop Marginpar on Thursd
Scabiosa Sweet Cherry Scoop


Flowers With Rich Textures

Danziger saw an increasing demand for flowers with rich textures, multiple layers of flowers, and intensive colors. After several years of research and development with the most advanced techniques, the scabiosa got a wonderful comeback: Scabiosa Scoop® was born. The Scabiosa Scoop® series has strong stems, high productivity, and more than eight colors, including two-tone varieties. The flower is very versatile and can be used open, closed, and even after the petals have fallen out. As a result, the Scoop® is now embraced by florists worldwide.

Check this wonderful scabiosa design with vandas and hydrangea by Romanian floral designer Claudia Tararache:


The Scabiosa Scoop® grows on the Marginpar Livewire farm, at 2,150 meters altitude on the edge of Rift Valley in Kenya. This location has the perfect climate for the scabiosa. The days here are long and dry, with lots of light, so the flowers can grow at their own pace. This allows them to develop their signature large flower heads and long sturdy stems.



Marginpar is currently growing the Scabiosa Sweet Cherry Scoop, Blackberry Scoop, Lavender Scoop, Focal Scoop Bicolor Pink, Focal Scoop Hot Pink, and Red Velvet Scoop. Other colors will surely follow.



Scabiosa at Marginpar Kenya on Thursd
Scabiosa at Marginpar in Kenya



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