The Show-Stopping Leaf Begonia Beleaf Lima Love

With its striking lime green leaves and intriguing dark maroon-colored edging, this leafy begonia is a sight to behold.

By: THURSD. | 29-12-2021 | 3 min read
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The begonia Beleaf Lima Love from Koppe Begonia makes a handsome houseplant. This quite striking plant, with its lime green colored leaves and intriguing foliage, is a sight to behold. Each leaf of the begonia Beleaf Lima Love is highlighted with dark maroon-colored edging. The darker markings resemble short rays, they radiate outwards, encircling each of this begonia cultivar's leaves. The plant naturally forms a rounded shape with the decorative leaves overlapping one another, making up for a beautiful, bushy houseplant. 

The Edgy Begonia Beleaf Lima Love 

Leaf begonias are commonly known by a number of names, including begonia Rex, Fancy-Leaf begonia, Painted Leaf begonia, as well as King begonia. This houseplant originates from India and is known for its beautiful colors and expressive leaves. There are hundreds of leafy begonias to choose from and some of them are the most stunning, visually interesting plants you can grow indoors. Known for its show-stopping leaves, the begonia Beleaf Lima Love is a not overly delicate houseplant that will thrive with the right care and can be enjoyed for many years. 

The Show-Stopping Begonia Beleaf Lima Love Houseplant

Image via @space_forest_

A Special Color Indeed

Green, greener, greenest. That certainly applies to the begonia Beleaf Lima Love. But not just any type of green. This begonia has got a very special color indeed. Begonia Beleaf Lima Love is an enchanting plant characterized by its fresh green leaves with dark stripes. Beleaf begonias originated from crosses between begonia Rex and other cross parents. The plant forms many shoots from below, so you can quickly make a full plant. Beleaf is an open, coarse plant, ideal for a 12cm pot. Begonia Beleafs all have short and firm leaves, making the plant less susceptible to fungi.

The Show-Stopping Leaf Begonia Beleaf Lima Love Houseplant

The Show-Stopping Leaf Begonia Beleaf Lima Love Koppe Begonia

How to Take Care of Your Begonia Beleaf Lima Love

The begonia Beleaf Lima Love adds a natural and original touch to your interior. This hardy and compact houseplant can thrive anywhere with the proper care and is a pleasure to look at. Find a partially shaded spot or an area where your begonia will be able to enjoy bright, but indirect sunlight. It is a flexible houseplant that also tolerates shade. Just make sure you avoid the harsh midday and afternoon sunshine. 

The Show-Stopping Begonia Beleaf Lima Love Leaf Begonias

Beleaf begonias prefer a warm environment, away from any cold or draughts, so try to avoid placing it in entrance halls or near doors and windows that open often. Protect your plants and ensure your begonia Beleaf Lima Love is not exposed to temperatures below 13C. Optimal temperatures for this plant range from 18C to 26C. 

The Show-Stopping Begonia Beleaf Lima Love Houseplant

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Thrives in a Humid Environment

The begonia Lima Love thrives in a humid environment, making it a great plant for a steamy bathroom. But you can also mist it to increase the humidity levels around your begonia. As your begonia plant grows, remove any dead or damaged leaves as soon as you see them in order to keep it healthy. Regular watering is recommended, but make sure not to overwater your begonia Beleaf as this will cause root rot. Allow the soil to dry out a little in between waterings. You can easily check this by sticking your finger into the top layer of soil. 

The Show-Stopping Begonia Beleaf Lima Love Painted Leaf Begonia

The Show-Stopping Begonia Beleaf Lima Love Painted Leaf Begonia

Image via @vanefornetti

Begonia Beleaf Lima Love Availability

Other Leafy Begonias

Begonia Beleaf Lima Love plants usually grow to around 30cm tall and can remain to look beautiful in your living space for years as long as it has enough space to grow and gets watered regularly. Want to discover more leafy begonias that make great houseplants? Find them in the article 'The 12 Best Leaf Begonia Plants That Thrive Indoors'. 



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