The 'World of Colour' According to Per Benjamin

Nature shows us the magic of colors

By: THURSD. | 25-11-2020 | 2 min read
With this awesome book, Per takes you on a 'journey of color'. In the past ten years, Per has developed his own color theory. And as it seems now, Scorched Earth is matching quite nicely in this theory.

A Journey of Color

Per Benjamin Cover Book - Scorched Earth - Blog on Thursd This book is an educational-entertaining-inspirational book where his color theory is explained in the text, but above all presented in a very creative, visual ”hands-on” style in beautiful pictures and color charts. The photos are a mixture of studio works, outdoor pieces, and event designs and show both small and extra-large arrangements. All of the pictures included are illustrating how it is possible to extract color tones from a material both in theory and in practice. The book starts with Per's view on the history of colors, its use, meanings, and emotions. That is followed by the extensive educational chapter where everything about his color theory is explained.

Scorched Earth Will Be the Color of the Year 2021 for Thursd

"To have ones passion and main interest as a full time job is a privilege. My driving force in life and career is the sheer fun and happiness I find in working with flowers and people. I find the connection between people and flowers being the most interesting aspect of this profession. How we, in different situations, can explain our feelings, or project them, telling things without words, but with flowers. To be this person is a true joy. Scorched Earth is a way to draw attention to the possible consequenses of climate change. People working together on this to be part of the solution makes me happy!"
Per Benjamin Book - Scorched Earth - Blog on Thursd

A Book for Everyone

This is a book for everyone who wants to challenge and develop their use of colors. Per Benjamin has participated in many competitions and believes it's one of the best ways to challenge yourself as a florist. That together with all his experience gave him great insights into the world of color and he decided to write this magnificent book. For more information: Per Benjamin - The world of Colour according Per Benjamin - Scorched Earth - Blog on Thursd



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