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Dutch Lily Masters - an example of marketing in floriculture

By: THURSD. | 29-07-2021 | 4 min read
Creating a strong visual brand is very important. A company's image plays a central role in branding, including the visual elements. A key to this is a logo and a clearly recognizable look and feel for the marketing materials. A company that is many steps ahead of the competition in this field for sure is Dutch Lily Masters with their images inspired by the paintings of the 'old Dutch masters' as Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, and Adriaen Thomasz Key.

A Visual Brand

The images, logo, photos, and designs used to promote, all make up the visual brand. Most may not realize it, but the visual brand tells the story, including the company's values, personality, and purpose. It is one of the best tools for communicating with customers. It is clear the people from Dutch Lily Masters know who their customers are and how they want to see themselves. They have created and use visuals that appeal to those aspirations.

Impress With Masterpieces

The old masters from then are the inspiration of today for the visual branding of Dutch Lily Masters. Wim-Jan Paauw, director of Dutch Lily Masters:
"Choosing our new branding came out of the idea to connect experiences people have with the quality and perfection of the Dutch master painters from the golden age in The Netherlands, to the lilies we grow (that are of excellent quality as well). The masterpieces of today. We don't do it for less. Because the most precious moments in life deserve only the very best lilies. We think we succeeded in that experience and connection with the imagery we created."

Dutch Lily Masters Branding - An Example of an Impressive Visual in Floriculture

Especially in floriculture, where people are so used to buy specific varieties, it is important for growers to stand out from the crowd to attract new customers. With the creation of the brand Dutch Lily Masters, the participating companies made sure to do just that, increasing the chances that the lily buyers will choose Dutch Lily Masters over their competitors.
Klaas Wagenaar, Wim-Jan Paauw en André Imanse

They Didn't Stop With a Logo

Many new businesses spend large amounts of time, energy, and money in their quest to design the perfect logo. While it's an important part of a brand, it isn't the only thing that matters. When considering the elements that make up a visual brand, it's important to think beyond the logo. In addition to the logo, they decided for a strong and recognizable look & feel with the connection to the old age where quality was key to create a visual impression that relays to customers what their business stands for.

The products

In the end, it all starts with products or services people need. In this regard, it is clear that the brand Dutch Lily Masters only offers flowers of the best quality to its customers, and works hard in any way possible with traders and exporters to make sure the lilies are delivered at flower shops and to floral designers all over the world in the best condition.
Only the best lilies

Meet The Youngest Generation

It comes therefore to no surprise that another company joined Dutch lily Masters last month. June 2021, Dutch Lily Masters has expanded its assortment range with the odorless LAs and special lilies from Lilies of Life, and launched a new campaign. Wim-Jan Paauw:
“The generations before us taught us how to grow the most beautiful lilies. You can see that finesse in our masterpiece collection. And just like the old masters, we at Dutch Lily Masters continuously strive for refinement and innovation. That is why we are proud to present the youngest generation of lilies.”
The youngest generation

Great Additions to the Assortment

Gerben Ravensbergen from Lilies of Life is very happy to Join Dutch Lily Masters with his special lilies:
“It is our passion to discover special lilies, forcing them to conquer the market. We are therefore extremely proud that we have added our special lilies to those of Dutch Lily Masters. Our type of lilies is smaller in size, but large in value. What is also distinctive is that the flowers are without scent.”
To see the complete selection of Dutch Lily Masters, go to this page:
"And while we are growing, we remain close to our customers. In the campaign we call this 'The art of staying small'. The attention to the wishes of our customers is the most important.”
A conclusion of Michel van Marwijk, head of sales at Dutch Lily Masters.


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