Flower business
Expanding Your Floral Business: Insights for Growers and Distributors Join me for some important tips and tricks about business in the floral industry along with important marketing strategies.
New assets by That Flower Feeling
That Flower Feeling Announces Release of New Floral Marketing Assets for Industry Partners These pre-designed assets allow industry partners to save time and resources compared to creating their own materials from scratch.
May 08 | 2 min read
Discovering Your Niche in the Expansive Floral Market
Finding Your Place in the Vast Floral Industry Unlock the path to fulfilling floral industry jobs and carve your unique career trajectory today!
Mar 29 | 7 min read
Being happy with flowers
Interflora Unveils Its Boldest Reinvention in 100 Years Learn all about the 'Say More' platform that pivots the business to better appeal to a younger audience.
Mar 06 | 5 min read
Girl with Decorum box
"Together You Stand Strong" Decorum's Marketing Event shows how Decorum has been the power brand of over fifty growers for 25 years.
Jan 24 | 6 min read
Wing Cheung blog about Vatican feature
3 Marketing Lessons: How the Dutch Flower Sector Conquered the Vatican Charles Lansdorp explained to me how unity and cooperation often lead to greater success than pursuing your ambitions alone.
Dec 06 | 6 min read
Florists, Stop Being Too Nice! Florists, are you overly accommodating with your floral business?
Nov 02 | 7 min read
Natasja Mironova
This Is My Approach to Content Marketing Using feeling and intuition as a compass has brought me a long way.
Aug 09 | 3 min read
Women Showing Skin Flowers in the Bin Summer Flower Sales on Thursd
Women Showing Skin - Flowers in the Bin? Flowers all over the world. Warm weather and sales - do they effect each other?
Aug 11 | 3 min read
A Group for All the Visionaries in the Floral Industry We Love Florists - Your one-stop destination for all things floristry
Sep 08 | 3 min read
To Make the Best Lilies in the World Really Stand Out Dutch Lily Masters - an example of marketing in floriculture
Jul 29 | 4 min read
Marketing During a Time of Crisis Our efforts in the floral industry need to be magnified
Jan 06 | 3 min read

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