A Tulip Named After DJ Hardwell

The Netherlands, which produces the most tulips worldwide, holds the event National Tulip Day annually since 2012. This time the event was extra special.

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Baptism of Tulip Hardwell

During National Tulip Day, January 20th, 2024, DJ Hardwell baptized his tulip immediately before the official opening of the new tulip season on the Museumplein Square in Amsterdam. The new tulip was personally selected by Hardwell and offered to him by Tulip Promotion Netherlands. Tulipa ‘Hardwell’, to give it its botanical name, has a red flower with a bright yellow edge and a strong stem with vibrant green leaves. The petals have a conspicuous fringe.

Positive Energy With Hardwell

Discussing being honored with his tulip, Hardwell said:

"I'm proud of my Dutch heritage, and so I'm truly honoured to have a tulip named after me; the flower is, of course, an icon of the Netherlands, but also a symbol of happiness, love, good luck and the power of nature's rhythm. So, I'm thrilled to be a part of connecting the positive vibrancy of the dance floor to the joyful energy of a tulip for this year's 'Let's Dance!' theme on National Tulip Day. I hope this new 'Hardwell' tulip will be a positive reminder of the music that unites us and those dancefloor moments we live for."


Baptism Tulip Hardwell
TPN chairman Arjan Smit with DJ Hardwell


The National Tulip Day: What Is It?

Since 2012, the Netherlands, which produces the most tulips worldwide, has held the event National Tulip Day. The new cut tulip season begins annually on the third Saturday in January. Dutch tulip producers establish a massive picking garden with approximately 200,000 blossoms on Museumplein in Amsterdam. (Before 2022, it was on Dam Square).

All are warmly welcome to select free tulips in honor of the occasion, regardless of origin or nationality. It is customary for attendees to represent the connecting cultures of up to 100 different ethnicities.


Tulips ready to be picked in Amsterdam


Everyone may take in the vibrant sea of flowers from a unique viewing bridge before the garden's gates open. Anyone can visit to pick up to 20 tulips for free. Notably, the picking garden is anticipated to be empty by 5 p.m. due to great demand. 

This year is an extra special edition. The famous DJ Hardwell is present to baptize his Tulip.

Dancing Tulips?

TPN chairman Arjan Smit:

“This year National Tulip Day’s theme is ‘Let’s Dance!’. To us, it represented a great occasion to honour Hardwell with his own tulip. He is one of the world’s most popular DJs and his shows are, just like tulips, really energetic. Tulips are even known to ‘dance’ slightly in their vases  as they keep growing and every flower turns to face the direction it wants”.

This strong cut-tulip was cultivated by Vertuco from Oude Niedorp and arose by crossing Tulipa ‘Pacific Pearl’ and Tulipa ‘Kensington’. The breeding process started way back in 1985.


Picking Tulips on Museumplein in Amsterdam


Dutch Cut Tulip Season Has Begun

More than a thousand varieties of Dutch tulips are widely available from the day of the celebrations until the beginning of May. These blooms range in color from vivid yellow to deep purple, in form from lily to fringed, and in number from two to four. Each variety has unique traits and attributes that one can choose from. 


Start of tulip season 2024

One can use the occasion to express their gratitude for their loved ones by sending them some tulips as a way to enjoy the day. Another way to surprise someone is with a bunch of tulips. If you enjoy flower gardening, you should also use a flower pot or grow tulips since they will bring more color and brightness into your house.


National Tulip Day 2024


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