National Florist Day UK Honors the Beauty of the Floral Industry

An occasion dedicated to honoring and celebrating florists and the art of floristry.

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U.K's National Florist Day Honors the Beauty Found in the Floral Industry

The UK’s National Florist Day is just around the corner, set to take place on June 8th, 2024. This special day is part of a campaign and awareness initiative aimed at celebrating and promoting the remarkable contributions of the floral industry and the talented individuals who work within it. 

With its objectives of raising awareness, fostering pride, and generating profits, National Florist Day aims to highlight the significance of floristry in the United Kingdom as a skilled profession and emphasize the importance of supporting local florists.

Celebrating the Inaugural National Florist Day

Since it was announced, the news of this first UK National Florist Day created an overwhelmingly positive response. The event, aimed at promoting the exceptional work of florists and instilling pride throughout the industry, gained significant support from founding patrons such as Direct2Florist, Interflora UK, and Oasis® Floral Products.


U.K's National Florist Day Honors the Beauty of the Floral Industry
The UK National Florist Day promotes the exceptional work of florists.
Photo by @direct2florist


Notably, leading importer Optimus Flowers, along with wholesalers FleuraMetz and the Tom Brown Group, also pledged their support, with other companies also expressing their eagerness to join the cause.

This collaborative project, backed by a diverse range of industry players, symbolizes a united effort to showcase the magnificence of florists, reinforce their position as the go-to destination for all things floral, and inspire aspiring individuals to consider floristry as a fulfilling career choice. 

The culmination of a five-month buildup program featuring trade and consumer activities, engaging content, and promotional opportunities, National Florist Day, in effect, promises to be a lavish celebration of the artistry and skill inherent in the flower industry.


U.K's National Florist Day Honors the Beauty of the Floral Industry
Photo by Antoni Shkraba


Paul Southwick, the Managing Director of Smithers-Oasis UK Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm for the campaign, acknowledging that certainly it is a great concept. 

Paul Southwick:

“There are many challenges in the industry, and I believe it needs a boost. Working together on a project like National Florist Day can only benefit the industry and support the florist, so I'm all for it." 

This sentiment was echoed by Simon Stirling, the Managing Director of Direct2Florist, who sees the program as a means to further their mission of supporting real florists. Nicole Moore, representing both Interflora and the Floristry Trade Club, concurred, emphasizing the importance of supporting and promoting independent local florists.


U.K's National Florist Day Honors the Beauty of the Floral Industry
The National Florists Day supports the artistry of florists.
Photo by @direct2florist


For Caroline Marshall-Foster, the founder and brains behind National Florist Day – who also owns Florist Trade Magazine and Good Florist Guide - this endeavor is a dream come true. She expressed her excitement, affirming that she is thrilled that National Florist Day is happening.

Caroline Marshall-Foster:

“Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of seeing just how wonderful the whole industry is, and I know first-hand the amazing things florists do to create magic moments for every possible occasion."


Caroline Marshall-Foster, the founder National Florist Day
Caroline Marshall-Foster (center), the founder of National Florist Day.
Photo by @carolinemarshallfoster


What Are the Objectives of the National Florist Day?

UK's National Florist Day has set forth clear objectives at both the consumer and industry levels. These objectives are focused on raising awareness, fostering pride, and driving profits.

For the consumers, it helps the public understand that floristry is a skilled profession and why local florists are the best choice when purchasing flowers. It also connects the entire floral supply chain and inspires florists to be braver, bolder, and brighter. Furthermore, it creates sales and footfall through professional marketing and PR support, equipped with the right tools.


U.K's National Florist Day Honors the Beauty of the Floral Industry
National Florist Day recognizes the art of floral design.
Photo by RDNE Stock Project


For the industry, this day generates awareness among consumers about the skilled nature of the floristry profession. It also instills a sense of pride within the floral community, encouraging florists to embrace innovation and creativity. Moreover, the day increases profits through effective marketing and public relations strategies, ultimately driving sales and foot traffic to florist shops.

Why Hold the Day in June?

The selection of June as the month to commemorate National Florist Day is not arbitrary. June represents an ideal time for this celebration due to several factors. Traditionally, early June is characterized by a relatively quieter trading period within the industry. 


U.K's National Florist Day Honors the Beauty of the Floral Industry
The artistry of floral design.
Photo by @interflorauk


Flower prices stabilize, ensuring a consistent supply, while the pleasant weather encourages increased footfall. What’s more, June is free from major competing events, allowing National Florist Day to capture consumers' attention more effectively.

How the Organizers Are Planning for the Day

To serve as the central platform for UK's National Florist Day, a dedicated hub (website) serves as the foundation for all campaign-related content, featuring engaging stories, interviews, and information about the industry. The website also showcases partner logos and provides links to various social media platforms, ensuring widespread reach and engagement.


U.K's National Florist Day Honors the Beauty of the Floral Industry
Showcasing floristry and floral design as viable careers.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio


Since the National Florist Day aims to captivate a new generation of flower buyers and florists through appealing content, the ‘Faces of Floristry’ section on the website not only highlights and promotes florists from across the UK and Ireland but also showcases floristry as a viable and fulfilling career option. And by showcasing the opportunities and excitement of working with flowers, it hopes to attract new talent to the industry.

The branding for National Florist Day is, also, designed to be clean and simple yet eye-catching. The logo exemplifies the essence of the campaign, conveying the message with clarity. Its neutral color scheme allows it to seamlessly integrate with different branding and imagery, ensuring a consistent visual identity across different platforms.


U.K's National Florist Day Honors the Beauty of the Floral Industry
A floral design session.
Photo by


Month-By-Month Initiatives Culminating in the Event

In the months leading up to National Florist Day, a series of initiatives and campaigns were rolled out to generate excitement and engagement. From project launches in January to industry nominations for the ‘Faces of Floristry’ in March and consumer competitions in May, each month brings new activities and updates. Likewise, participants are regularly informed to ensure everyone is up to date with the latest developments.

So, here are the initiatives and campaigns launched in the months leading up to National Florist Day.


The project launched and the campaign kicked off during the official inauguration, creating buzz and excitement around National Florist Day. Participation invitations were sent out to florists, encouraging them to be part of the celebration. The names of the campaign's patrons, who play a crucial role in supporting and promoting the campaign, were also announced.


U.K's National Florist Day Honors the Beauty of the Floral Industry
All florists within the participating regions are encouraged to partake in the National Florist Day celebrations.



The ambassadors' announcement was made with influential figures within the floral industry unveiled. They would be the envoys for National Florist Day, further enhancing the campaign's reach and credibility. Florists were also invited to register their participation in National Florist Day, ensuring their inclusion in promotional activities.


The processes for industry nominations for ‘Faces of Floristry 2024’ opened to identify and organize the brightest stars within the floral industry. These individuals and their stories will be showcased as part of the campaign, highlighting the diverse talents and achievements within floristry. The National Florist Day website was, also, launched, acting as a central hub for information, updates, and engaging content.


U.K's National Florist Day Honors the Beauty of the Floral Industry
Creating floral designs is an art that requires to be nurtured and supported.
Photo by @direct2florist



In April, the campaign is expected to release targeted press releases and editorial hooks aimed at capturing consumer attention and generating interest in National Florist Day. The website's content is expected to be further developed, ensuring a rich and informative resource for visitors.


The ‘Tag a Florist and Tag a Florist Shop Competition’ is expected to be launched, encouraging people to tag and nominate their favorite florists and florist shops. Participants have the chance to win high-value prizes, creating excitement and engagement. The second round of press releases and media outreach are, to be then, conducted to sustain momentum and generate media coverage.


Florist with red rose bouquet on direct2florist
Photo by @direct2florist


June 1st

Social media platforms, specifically Instagram and Facebook, will be extensively utilized for promoting National Florist Day. Interviews, videos, and reels featuring florists and their stories are to be shared across these platforms, reaching a wide audience.

June 8th

The culmination of the campaign, National Florist Day is celebrated on June 8th. Florist shops may participate in open house events, welcoming visitors and showcasing their artistry. Additionally, there may be consumer-facing flash mobs or other activations, depending on the available budget.


U.K's National Florist Day Honors the Beauty of the Floral Industry
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk


June 12th

The ‘Tag a Florist and Tag a Florist Shop’ winners announcement will take place. The winners of the consumer competition will be recognized and awarded. These are those who participated and shared their favorite florists and shops. Florists who actively took part in National Florist Day will also receive local media coverage, further promoting their businesses and highlighting their involvement.

Why Be Part of National Florist Day?

Well, there hasn’t been anything like it in the industry before so, by taking part, you’ll essentially be a pioneer from the first day. It’s not just a way of supporting the industry but, even more importantly, showing one’s customers that you are supporting them! 


U.K's National Florist Day Honors the Beauty of the Floral Industry
For florists and floral designers, floristry is a satisfying career.
Photo by @goodfloristguide


Even more, you can use your participation in National Florist Day in so many other ways. So, it is a complete win-win project to get involved in.


Feature image by @direct2florist, and header image by Anna Shvets



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