Lush Terraces by Victor Ortiz Will Climb Sao Paulo’s Urupê Tower

This will become one of Sao Paulo's greenest buildings from the outside by Victor B. Architects with the aim of creating unique, livable spaces through informed decision making and leading technology.

By: THURSD. | 23-08-2023 | 3 min read
Fungal growth green building

Victor Ortiz Architecture's latest ongoing project, the Urupê Tower, is unveiled amid one of Sao Paulo's fastest expanding green neighborhoods. This mixed-use structure will highlight panoramic views of the surrounding city while showing the usage of biophilic design concepts and sustainable architectural solutions. 

The Urupê Tower Shows How Green Design is Growing in Sao Paulo

The magnificent tower will be an example of green design in Brazil's urban jungle, with its facade of lush greenery emerging from climbing terraces. As a result, the Urupê Tower is founded on a dedication to ecological balance and forward-thinking architecture.


Urupe Tower in Sao Paulo


Victor Ortiz, the architect of the Urupê Tower, derives inspiration from the realm of fungus growth forms found within tree trunks. This organic idea is converted into architectural space by using distributed planters on each tower level. The project's architectural language strives to blend human-made structures with the natural world, creating a work that resonates with the rhythms of development and connection, echoing the tenacious and adaptive nature of fungi. While this design method highlights the beauty of nature's patterns, it also emphasizes the tower's status as a living creature.


Greenery exhibited in Urupe Tower


Fungal Growth Forms Designed by Victor Ortiz Architecture

The strategy of 'fungal growth' is based on the concept of biophilic design, which is an approach that takes lessons from natural processes and applies them to the building of more efficient man-made habitats that are connected to nature. This approach is woven into the fabric of the tower, resulting in a symbiotic link between the built environment and the living ecosystem.


Front view of Victor Ortizs newest green building


The distributed planters, which resemble fungal growths colonizing a tree trunk, serve a purpose other than decoration. Instead, they become pockets of life that filter the air, create a haven for biodiversity, and give residents with a direct link to nature in the midst of a hectic urban environment.


Lower and closer view of greenery in Urupe Tower Sao Paulo


In response to a modern era characterized by growing urbanization and escalating climate change concerns, Victor presents the Urupê Tower to the world. The architect appreciates the industry's vital role in reducing the environmental impact of buildings and the team's efforts continually strive to counteract the ecological footprints of its works, demonstrating a dedication to sustainability. The Urupê Tower will be an example of the synergy between modern construction and environmental preservation through measures such as vegetation reallocation, microclimate development, and the use of renewable materials.


Amazing view from windows of green plants


More About Victor Ortiz Architects

Victor B. Ortiz Architects is an international architecture and design firm dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind, livable spaces through educated decision-making, creativity, and cutting-edge technology. Their roots in the bustling city of Sao Paulo have ingrained them with a strong awareness of sustainable design concepts and the need of building useful and environmentally responsible environments.

The dedicated team of architects has broadened their horizons by combining this knowledge with the examination of technology possibilities for project and process optimization. With a wide portfolio of projects spanning seas, Victor and his team approach each project holistically, taking into account the individual needs of each place and culture, to create really inventive and unique environments.


Green building designed by Victor Ortiz architects


Take a look at Victor B. Ortiz's complete portfolio to get yourself involved in his incredible architecture projects.


Photos by Victor B. Ortiz Architecture


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