What's the Program for Florint’s EUROPA CUP 2022 in Katowice and Who Will Win This Prestigious Cup?

Finally the prestigious, top-level competition will take place. Sixteen competitors will refer to their individual musical preferences and emphasize their cultural identity in six tasks.

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Florint’s EUROPA CUP 2022 hosted by SFP, The Polish Flower Association, was originally scheduled for June of 2020 but had to be postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But finally, it's here! The prestigious, top-level competition taking place from August 26th to 28th will be held in the International Congress Center in Katowice Poland for floral lovers coming from all over the globe. 

European Florist Championship - Europa Cup 2022

This year's Europa Cup 2022 will be inspired by dance, music, and flowers. So far, floristry has been assessed by sight, smell and touch. For all of you who didn't know, the European Florist Championship 2022 is a breakthrough time. We will move to another, previously unknown dimension while the dance of the senses awaits us. Florists participating in the competition during the 6 assignments will have the opportunity to refer to their individual musical preferences and to emphasize their cultural identity. 
The prepared tasks will also show the sensitivity, emotionality, and openness of the participants, and the flowers in their hands will have a chance to become a means of creating unique, maybe even moving "pictures".

Competitors and Their Tasks

16 Floral Designers will perform six tasks. 

Press Secretary Europa Cup 2022 Ania Zagórska Announcing the Competitors on Thursd

TASK 1: Table Decoration

Theme: Every life has a soundtrack.

Description: The work should be inspired by a song from the player's country. The competitor makes a table decoration on the occasion of the school reunion after many years.

Requirements: 6 people should be able to sit at the table. Participants have send the soundtrack, which will be inspired by the work, no later than one month before the start of the Championship. The work cannot exceed the following dimensions: 200 cm wide by 200 cm long by 200 cm high. The plant material will be provided by the organizer.

Sponsor: Oz Export


TASK 2: Installation with the Use of a Floral Sponge

Theme: Dance in the rain.

Description: The work should show the beauty of dance and movement.

Requirements: A minimum of 50% of viable plant material must be placed in the Oasis® floristic sponge. A minimum of 50% of the ordered floristic sponge must be used at work. The work cannot exceed the following dimensions: 300 cm wide by 200 cm long by 250 cm high. The florist sponge will be provided by the organizer.

Sponsor: Smithers-Oasis®


TASK 3: Bouquet

Theme: Life is much like a song.

Description: The work should be inspired by the song "Espana Forever" by Maanam.

Requirements: One person should be able to carry the bouquet. The competitor will secure a vase for the bouquet, which will also be judged as part of the entire work. All materials are provided by the competitor.


TASK 4: Body Decoration

Theme: Dancing queen.

Description: Decoration of the dancer's body inspired by the recording received by the contestants.

Requirements: The competitor may use the bodysuit at work as a base for arrangement but the work cannot restrict the dancer's movements. All materials are provided by the competitor.


TASK 5: A Musical Surprise

Description: Competitors receive all the details of the task directly before the competition.

Sponsor: JMP Flowers


Flowers Music and Dance as the Theme for Europa Cup 2022 Floral Design Photo by Malgorzata Szwagiel on Thursd
Flowers, Music, and Dance as the Theme for Europa Cup 2022
Floral Design by Malgorzata Szwagiel 


TASK 6: The Grand Finale

Will be held during the CELEBRATION FINAL, where the results of the Championship will also be announced.

Description: Competitors receive all the details of the task directly before the competition. Only the top 6 competitors will take part in the competition.

On Saturday evening, the six finalists who will face the final competition task in front of the audience will be selected. The Grand Finale is an event summarizing the Championship, rich in floristic experiences as well as from other areas of broadly understood art. Live participants will be able to experience the emotions that accompany the announcement of the Europa Cup 2022 Winner and spend an unforgettable evening.

Festival of Flowers

The Festival of Flowers will be held at the same time as the European Florist Championships. In more than 1,400 square meters of space, a floral exhibition entitled “Four Sides of the World” will be arranged. Thousands of plants will transform into a unique spectacle under the guidance of experienced florists. During the Festival there will be mini florist shows, lectures on plant care, and workshops for children. You will be able to admire beautiful floral dresses, support a floral charity auction for the “Świetlikowo” Children’s Hospice in Tychy, or buy unusual plants.

Branch Day on the 26th

Europa Cup 2022 is not only a competition but there are also accompanying events. Friday is a day dedicated to florists - Branch Day. We will take part in floral shows and seminars. The highlight of the first day of the event will be the evening show. 


Ania Zagórska About Branch Day Floral Shows on Thursd


SFP Hosting This Event

Polish Florists Association was established in 2012. It was established by leading Polish florists in response to the changing situation in the floral market and is a sign of the current times. The group of 30 industry professionals who initiated the SFP set themselves ambitious goals and guidelines. Its motto was “Strength in numbers” Since its establishment, the Association has been growing strongly.

In February 2014. The Association joined the International Floristic Organisation Florint, based in the Netherlands, which brings together the largest national floristic organizations in Europe.


SFP Zenon Rek and Smithers-Oasis Representative Lena Stryjska From Poland on Thursd
SFP Zenon Rek and Smithers-Oasis Representative Lena Stryjska From Poland.


Polish Florists Association is an organization of people, companies, and organizations that are not indifferent to the development of the floral industry in Poland. The association offers its members participation in specialized training in both floristry and business management. It organizes florist shows, and charity events and conducts activities aimed at regulating the wholesale market. It wants to enrich the skills and competencies of its members by organizing training, demonstrations, workshops, and industry trips. By organizing events and cooperation with the media, it wants to promote the tradition of giving flowers, create the need for flowers in everyday life and promote the way emotions are expressed through flowers.


Press Conference With Simon Ogrizek President Florint at Europa Cup 2022 on Thursd
President Florint Simon Ogrizek and President SFP Zenon Rek


Organizer Florint

Before 2009, Florint was called the European Federation of Professional Florists’ Associations (FEUPF for short). This federation was founded in 1956 in Strasbourg. The founders of the Federation were members of the National Associations of Florists, who were concerned about the possible dangers associated with the progressive European integration, but at the same time saw new opportunities for cooperation.

Their vision turned out to be correct. Currently the International Floristic Organisation, Florint effectively supports and politically represents national Floristic Associations from more than 20 European countries. The organization is constantly growing and expanding its ranks to include countries outside Europe.

Florint’s mission is to facilitate the development and increase the prosperity of members affiliated with national floricultural associations and, by extension, the floricultural sector as a whole. It professionally supports florists, represents their interests in public organizations (in particular the European Commission), and contributes to their professional development.


Press Conference at Europa Cup 2022 in Katowice Poland on Thursd
Photo by Nico Alsemgeest





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