Who Isn't Charmed by the Peony Coral Charm?

A peony that transforms colors while blooming

By: THURSD. | 25-05-2021 | 2 min read
If you love everything pink, pretty, and magical, the peony Coral Charm could be the flower for you! Because of its spectacular attributes, Coral Charm belongs to one of the most popular varieties among peonies, and rightfully so.

The Peony Coral Charm With Its Magical Abilities

Abundant, nostalgic, large, cup-shaped flowers emerge as a deep persimmon color and bloom out to elegant, coral-cream colored, semi-double flowers as they mature. With attractive glossy, dark green foliage that has smooth edges, the peony Coral Charm does not only look glorious in any arrangement or bouquet as a cut flower but also adds a healthy dose of charm to beds and borders in your garden as an outdoor plant.

A Staple Among Floral Designers and Flower Lovers

Samuel Wissing - famous for his color-changing varieties - registered this variety as early as 1964 and nearly 60 years later, it is still a staple among floral designers and flower lovers. Awarded the APS Gold Medal in 1986, the peony Coral Charm has conquered the hearts of many, all over the world.
Who Isn't Charmed by the Peony Coral Charm? Peony Garden Peony fields from @sweetloveflowerpatch

The Peony That Changes Color

Probably the best property of Coral Charm is its mesmerizing color-transforming abilities. Starting at a coral-cerise hue, this variety changes color as it blooms, developing more orange shades as it opens up until it reaches a lovely pink-cream color. If you have not watched this peony bloom through a series of beautiful shades before, you are in for a treat!
Who Isn't Charmed by the Peony Coral Charm color changing peony Picture via @rkbflowers

Peony Coral Charm Loves to Take the Center Stage

It comes as no surprise that the peony Coral Charm is a huge favorite for weddings and events. This flower easily takes the center stage in a design and can - besides adding an overflow of romance and charm - really lift an arrangement to the next level. As shown below, it is perfectly possible to decorate a romantic table setting with just one flower taking the spotlight, especially with a flower like the peony Coral Charm, that happily showcases the power of a flower.

A Flower Full of Wow Factor

Besides its magical color-changing abilities, the peony Coral Charm possesses thick stems (which are available in longer lengths if desired) and the immense semi-double flowers can reach a diameter of 18 cm. Talk about the wow factor! Take note, because this variety has semi-double flowers they might not last as long as double varieties. Therefore it's a good idea to refresh the water often and keep the flowers away from excessive heat and drafts so you can enjoy these spectacular blooms for as long as possible.
Who Isn't Charmed by the Peony Coral Charm? Peony bouquet Picture via @kazody_flower



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