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Ekaterina Seehaus

Hi, I am Ekaterina Seehaus, ikebana teacher and artist. My way to the floral art was not strait forward. It began when at the age of 11 I had to represent my school in a flower competition. But then there was an art school, engineering degree, MBA, corporate job and then finally Sogetsu school of the Japanese floral art called ikebana. Ikebana changed my life. It allowed me to connect to my true self through deep contact with nature, with flowers. Now I am teaching ikebana around the world. I also run a Floral Art Studio IkebanaPRO where we decorate events, create art objects and floral art installations for clients. It is my passion, my life, my humble way of contributing to harmony in the world. Lets share the love for flowers, nature and art here on Thursd!

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