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Floral designer and CEO at LFDA

Kathy Ong

Kathy Ong AIFD, CFD is an internationally recognized floral designer accredited by the American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD) and is currently the Education Director of Lee Flower Design Academy, Malaysia. She also holds the positions of President and Vice President, respectively, at the International Floral Design Education Association (IFD) of Malaysia and China's Sanya Floriculture Institute. Style Kathy Ong is Malaysia's most recognized floral designer with a passion for flowers and the floristry industry. With great respect for the beauty of nature and the character of each flower, her minimalist style emphasizes that balance is the most important aspect in her designs, allowing even the smallest flowers to contribute to her design as a whole. Floral art has always been a way of expressing herself across borders, where she is able to combine different elements and still achieve a refreshing and perfect harmony in her designs. She is passionate about extending the life of flowers and botanical materials to reveal their second life in an artistic form that can be appreciated by others. Her values ​​and beliefs are often a reflection of her interpretation and respect for the flowers.

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