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United States of America

Designer - Wedding Designer - Event Designer

About Brad Austin

Brad Austin's passion for flowers started long before he gained recognition as one of L.A.'s leading floral designers. "As a child, I would gather flowers from the garden and give them to the neighbors," Brad says. "I realized later that they loved the bouquets, but were far more pleased if I didn't pull the flowers from their own gardens." Brad went on to become a Horticulturist with a degree from the University of Illinois. His unique creativity and organizational savvy soon earned him acclaim within the entertainment industry, where he has worked on over 80 films and TV shows. He was also part of a team that won four Daytime Emmys for set decoration. Brad's special satisfaction, however, comes from his wedding, party, and event work.

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Brad Austin 620 N Stanley Ave, Los Angeles, California 90036, Verenigde Staten

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