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Emily Avenson known as Fleuropean is a californian living in Belgium who succeeded in growing her own exquisite californian florals while constantly fighiting the rainy and cold belgian climate. She describes herself as a nature enthusiast and uses everything that nature has to give for her work. She has always harbored an inner passion for flowers and an admiration for all the beautiful bouquets that florists create. Indeed, in addition to her flower passion Emily creates finest silk ribbons that she hand-dyes with homegathered organic materials. These delicate ribbons are then used to tie up together her bouquets. Fleuropean is a small, organically run flower garden located in the Belgian countryside. We grow dahlias, roses, peonies, cosmos, poppies, aneomone, ranunculus, delphiniums, hydrangeas, clematis, traditional cottage flowers, herbs, and, of course, wildflowers. We prefer to make our bouquets a little on the wilder side- why not incorporate herbs, grasses, fruits and flowers so frequently overlooked by many? More often than not, their beauty surpasses that of many more commonly used, commercially available varieties. We offer various services based on seasonal availability including, but not limited to: - made to order bouquets, delivered locally - bridal bouquets - floral arrangements for local restaurants and businesses - wedding and event decoration Our bouquets are made to fit every budget- from sweet and simple, to large and intricate. Fleuropean are always thinking of fun, new plants to include in the assortment and other ways to expand. Keep an eye on this section for additional services that will be listed as they become available.

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